Monday, March 30, 2015

Nicolas Sarkozy, the new champion of the center-right alliance – Le Point

“Good win.” These two words, this Sunday night at 238 rue de Vaugirard, have been rehashed a thousand times. A week earlier, putting his hand over her mouth as not to be caught in pessimism and run, some tenors UMPistes murmured their fear that their party will win a quarantine departments. So, between 66 and 70 departments moved to the right, this is a result that should be welcomed, admired, drummed up tired.

No more doubt. “Anyway, Nicolas never doubted,” deals a Pierre Charon filled with admiration. Cooped up with his close and extended custody on the 10th floor of the UMP before the announcement of the final results, the boss likes to make fun of some worried the air – “? There has been bad news in your family” – Tries to hide his feelings when finally pollsters announce him by telephone early estimates. In short, “the boss”, still angry a few weeks earlier, this March 29, found the going and playful attitude of good days.

The French have overwhelmingly rejected the policy of Holland

And because “tonight, he took at once all that has since lost 98!” enthuses Senator of Paris. “Even the lower range of results was our top dream,” regales his side Frédéric Péchenard, Director General of the UMP. What to pass to Nicolas Sarkozy’s sobriety start of last week.

“The Republican right and center have clearly won the county elections,” he began. Before igniting “This victory is primarily the result of the campaign for months by our candidates [...], but this goes far beyond local considerations, the French overwhelmingly rejected Policy François Hollande and his government, the disavowal with regard to absolutely no appeal. ” Typing shortcuts on the left arm, a classic from the former president. Arise herald of the center-right alliance, the approach is rather more daring.

While the former tenant Elysian welcomed throughout his campaign alliance with UDI; Although it held, in between the two towers, a joint meeting with the president of center-right party, Jean-Christophe Lagarde; Certainly, his relatives assure that “it has always been in favor of the alliance of right and center,” but beyond strategy and political maneuvering remain fundamental differences.

François Fillon UMP

By positioning, for example, against the substitute meals in school canteens, or claiming to embody an offensive right, Nicolas Sarkozy is it in the best position tooth and nail to defend an alliance of the right and center? Hearing Laurent Wauquiez analyze that “martingale chosen by Sarko of the failure to compromise with the FN while being very hard on our values ​​provides a right that is not a warm water net”, it is questionable. “An electoral alliance does not mean fading ideas, retorts an employee of the employer. The fact of fighting between the two rounds FN lets say the strongest things. I have not understood that the issue was the question of focus. “

On the side of his opponents, laugh yellow. While in the entourage of François Fillon, some mock “a catch-all strategy”, others fear that Nicolas Sarkozy appear new champion of the UMP-UDI alliance. Straw! The arrival of François Fillon to 20 h 45 at the UMP headquarters is it evidence of some excitement? “It’s not the house of François Fillon, the UMP?” irritated one of his employees. “The idea that there is one side against the other, it’s over, and that great leaders take ownership of the seat, that is very good news for everyone, Sarkozy promises. And then … It is Palm Sunday. ” Does it mean that Francois Fillon has come cheer the god Sarkozy shaking palms?

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