Monday, March 23, 2015

Eric Woerth he escape unscathed from his legal ordeal? –

Since Monday, March 23 in the morning, Eric Woerth appearing before the criminal court in Bordeaux for “passive trading in influence” in connection with the Bettencourt. The current UMP of the Oise pays the price of his many hats of the era: the treasurer of the UMP and Nicolas Sarkozy for the 2007 presidential election, host Prime donor base of the UMP, then Budget Minister.

Triggered in 2010, the prosecution had also put a halt to the rise of the man who will soon imagined at Matignon. Today, it’s downright his political future is at stake in the three or four days of trial.

Give and take?

Indeed, this issue is undoubtedly the most dangerous for Eric Woerth. He is accused of having favored the award, at his request, of the Legion of Honor to Patrice de Maistre, asset manager of Liliane Bettencourt and member of the First Circle. De Maistre would, in turn, hired the wife of the Minister, Florence, in the Clymène company responsible to grow dividends paid by L’Oréal heiress to.

Woerth risk large. up to 10 years in prison, accompanied by forfeiture of civic or exercising a public function

While the floor, slightly up, will likely require a release. But several load elements remain: the exchange of correspondence between the two men, the timing of the meetings and the recruitment of Florence Woerth, especially the phone records of former butler of Bettencourt. De Maistre explains Liliane Bettencourt have recruited the wife of Eric Woerth “to make him happy,” stressing that it was he who was in charge of the taxes of the billionaire.

increased risk condemnation

For the defense, the lawyer Jean-Yves Le Borgne, denounced the “mental process” that would bind “concurrency and causality” and wants “the proximity of the Legion of Honour to Mr de Maistre and recruitment of Mrs Woerth implies that there was a causal link, combines the key. “

Nevertheless, the risk of conviction is much stronger than in the first part of case …

David Bensoussan for Challengesoir


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