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IMAGES. County: the heads of the score displayed – Le Parisien

March 22, 2015, 5:54 p.m. | Update: March 23, 2015, 0:09

The three waivers are favorable.


The UMP Eric Ciotti , Chairman of the General Council of the Alpes-Maritimes, is reelected turn in his district Tourrette with 51.63% of votes.

 The former Minister UMP Patrick Devedjian is re-elected in the first round in Antony (Hauts-de-Seine) with 51.3% of votes.
Jean-Michel Baylet , president of the Radical Left Party, was re-elected in his township of Valence-d’Agen (Tarn-et-Garonne) with 50.72% of votes.

 The former president of the National Assembly PS Emmanuelli is re-elected in the Landes (50.77% of votes).

 The former Minister UMP Herve Gaymard , outgoing president of the General Council of Savoy, was re-elected in the first round with 55.5% of the vote.


André Vallini , Secretary of State for Territorial reform is in a tie in the township of Tullins (Isère), with 40.87% of the vote.
Ségolène Neuville , Secretary of State for the Disabled and the fight against exclusion, favors a tie in the Pyrénées-Orientales: it leads with 37.92% of votes in Canton Canigou.
Patrick Kanner , Minister of the City, Youth and Sports, is favorable ballot on the district of Lille 5 (North) with 37.6% of voice.

 The former Minister UMP Dominique Bussereau , outgoing president of the Charente-Maritime General Council, is favorable ballot (47.49% of the votes).

 The mayor of Carhaix and leader of the red Hats Christian Troadec tops in the township of Carhaix Plouguer (Finistère) with 35.56% of votes.

 The former Minister of Ecology PS Philip Martin is favorable ballot in the township of Baise-Armagnac (Gers), with 43.04% of votes.

 The UDI MP Charles de Courson , Vice President of the General Council of the Marne, is favorable ballot (47.77%).

 PS MP Karine Berger, 2 candidate Gap Hautes-Alpes, gets 28.53% of the vote against 28.17% for the UMP

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