Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Isere. Nine students report rape against the principal – Ouest-France

The principal of a primary school in Villefontaine (Isère) on suspicion of rape of students in his class PC, acknowledged the facts in custody, said prosecutors in Vienna on Tuesday.

Nine complaints corresponding to nine students in the class of this teacher were recorded at this stage, said the prosecutor, Matthew Bourrette, in a statement.

At the age of 45 years, father will be brought before a magistrate on Wednesday morning for the opening of a judicial inquiry. Given the criminal nature of the facts, the prosecution of Vienna must decline jurisdiction in favor of the prosecutor of Grenoble.

Taste Workshop

The suspect would have imposed “by surprise” blowjobs at least two of his students as part of what he called “a taste of the workshop” during which children blindfolded, had to identify “things” that the teacher made them taste.

The facts of rape allegedly committed between December and March, according to preliminary results of the investigation by the Research Brigade (BR) gendarmerie Bourgoin.

The child abuse images to its home

The suspect was arrested Monday morning at his home where Isère gendarmes found a USB stick with child abuse images. This man, who took office in September 2014 in this small Villefontaine neighborhood school, had initially denied the charges against him.

He then recognized the images detention pornographic, “explaining that it was for him an addiction that had continued for several years” before imposing recognize blowjobs to several of his students.

According to the prosecution of Vienna, he also photographed and then deleted these attacks, using video materials pre-positioned in the class.

Convicted in 2008

The suspect had already been the subject of a criminal conviction in 2008 for concealment of child pornography images nature to six months suspended prison sentence with care obligation and setting the épreuve.Aucune ban on taking a job with Children, however, had been issued at the time of the conviction.

The Education Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem said Tuesday the opening of an administrative inquiry, “to make all light on this matter and without prejudice to the judicial inquiry under the Prosecutor’s authority “.


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