Friday, March 27, 2015

Crash: depressive past Andreas Lubitz, the “crazy driver” is revealed – BFMTV.COM

A gesture, and questions. Nearly three days after the terrible crash of the Airbus A320 Germanwings in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, with 150 passengers on board, the personality of the officer on suspicion of deliberately caused the accident , is more than ever at the heart of the investigation. If Andreas Lubitz, 28, is presented by his entourage as a young man without history , calm, smiling and sporty, the study of its past has some gray areas, which could be linked with his terrible Tuesday gesture.

Among the startling revelations this Friday, it appears that that some already call him “crazy drivers” would also never had to return to 4U9525 flight controls for he was the subject of a sick day drama . Our update on the latest developments in the investigation

& gt.; A hole in the course, and severe depression

Employee of Germanwings since September 2013, with 630 flying hours on the clock, Andreas Lubitz had always dreamed of being a pilot. By the time he joined the low-cost airline subsidiary of Lufthansa, as co-pilot, it just comes out of a training within the group control center in Bremen in north-west Germany . “Very competent”, according to his employer, he also obtained a pilotage certificate in Phoenix, in the state of Arizona in the United States.

Behind the ideal son own image on it, calm and smiling, sportsman taste for running – one of the few photographs of him being unveiled shown in the process of completing a marathon 2013 – and aerobatics, the young man reveals some flaws.

According to the German press, Andreas Lubitz had indeed suffered a severe depression in 2009, which led him to suspend for six months its flight training, which began in 2008. Thus, the mother of a former classmate, cited Thursday by the German newspaper Der Spiegel says: “At one point he had to interrupt his pilot training Apparently there was a depression. or burn-out. ” After this break, he was declared fit to fly in 2010

& gt.; Regularly followed since 2009

This passage by a severe depression, the German daily Bild has also confirmed Friday morning. Severe depression that would have required psychiatric treatment of 18 months, according to documents issued by the German supervisory authority for air transport, the Luftfahrt Bundesamt , the German newspaper consulted. If he had returned to normal life, the young man left under treatment “special and regular medical” .

To the point that the Hospital of Düsseldorf has announced on Friday that Andreas Lubitz had consulted the institution very recently, in the last two months.

& gt; On sick leave on the day of the drama

The last time, it was precisely on March 10 for “diagnostics”. The nature and prescribed care has also not been made public, medical confidentiality oblige. But in all likelihood, the first officer had returned to his psychiatric disorders.

Why? Because according to the prosecutor of Düsseldorf, Christoph Kumpa, sick stopping certificates were found, torn, with Andreas Lubitz. Documents that are “support the contention” that the young man “hid his illness to his employer and its business environment,” according to the dead of the magistrate. Stops “apparently” signed a “neurologist and psychiatrist,” but that does not give the name of the disease in question

& gt.; A heartache involved?

If the “deliberate” crash no longer any doubt, motivations Andreas Lubitz remain mysterious. Suicide act causing 149 people with him, or terrorist act? In the first case, “no farewell letter” has so far been found, said the prosecutor in Düsseldorf. And there is no support for the second.

And if it was just a break that led man to such an end? According to information from BFMTV, a young woman, presented as the “girlfriend” Andreas Lubitz, was heard by the police on Friday. Bild goes even further, claiming that “Lubitz faced, before the tragedy, with a serious crisis in his relationship with his girlfriend and the pain of heart could have led it to all.”


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