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The heavy medical record Andreas Lubitz, co-pilot of the A320 – Europe1

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Europe 1

Six days after the crash of the Airbus A320, which was voluntarily caused by Andreas Lubitz, the revelations about the co-pilot’s medical records accumulate. In addition to having concealed his employer Germanwings he was off work the day of the crash, Andreas Lubitz, suffering from a serious depression, had serious vision problems.

a vision already heavily reached. This is the New York Times which revealed Saturday that the co-pilot of 28 years was receiving medical treatment for eye problems with symptoms that could worsen that over time. According to Le Figaro , the young man at the origin of the A320 Airbus crash that killed 150 passengers and crew, had already lost 30% of its visual faculties. Andreas Lubitz, who consulted in a hospital in Düsseldorf in February and this month, and last March 10, has perhaps made because of the visually impaired. If the institution stated Andreas Lubitz has not been treated in its services for depression, he said that the young man had undergone examinations. – Without revealing more because of medical confidentiality

Eye problems that could compromise his career. In any case, the young man hid the situation to his employer, the low cost airline Lufthansa, as he did for his psychiatric problems and stopping work on the day of the crash of the Airbus A320 in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. Because even if airline pilots do not need to have an absolutely perfect vision, Andreas Lubitz had probably realized that his eye problems would prevent one day join Lufthansa to fly on long-haul, a dream that he went from childhood. These health problems may be a cause of his severe depression and malaise described his last days by those who knew him.

A depression known to all. In his hometown, Montabaur, depressive state of the young man was known to all. “Here we know that, last year, he became depressed. But I do not know the exact reason. I just know that something happened and he was suspended,” testified David micro Europe 1 before adding Andreas Lubitz had “at some point [...] received the news like this, because he was depressed, he could not fly, he could not do his job “. Heard by the German police, girlfriend Andreas, Maria, confirmed that although through a serious depression.

A companion tormented . In the German daily Bild , the stewardess of 26 years has entrusted the psychological state: “I left because he was tormented and had too much personal problems “recounted one that shared the life of Andreas Lubitz for five months. “During the discussions, it creaked and screamed at me [...] At night he awoke and screamed ‘We fall”, plagued by nightmares. But she did not forget that it was “nice and open” during flights, “very mild” in private, “someone who needed love.” If Andreas Lubitz “did it”, she says, it’s also “because he understood that because of his health problems, his great dream of a job at Lufthansa, as captain and as longhaul driver was practically impossible. ” The work seemed obsessed Andreas Lubitz, passionate about flying since childhood. “We always talked a lot of work, and there he became someone else, he got angry about working conditions,” reported the young woman.

Psychiatric care during its formation. At its pilot training center for Lufthansa, there are six, Andreas Lubitz was placed in a psychiatric institution. This is what reveals the medical record of the co-pilot, according to the Bild . In 2009, the victim of attacks of fear and panic attacks, it can then no longer follow his learning. During this training he had to stop six months, Andreas had been held on several occasions as not fly too low because psychologically.

A turnover that prevents detect a change of attitude. But how the co-pilot he was able to hide her condition to her employer and colleagues, despite all the tests carried out by pilots during training? Dieter, a former colleague of the A320 captain, provides an explanation: “It is possible to hide a psychiatric problem because every day the drivers change their team when you have 500 different drivers, with the game of rotations. one day you fly with Miller commander and two days later you end up with the Schmidtt driver. You do not spend enough time together to say at a time ‘like, compared to the last time I saw There was something strange. ” You can not judge the evolution of the behavior of your flight partner, “he argued

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