Thursday, March 26, 2015

Crash A320: stupor after the revelations about the co-pilot – Liberation

The young German co-pilot of the A320 Germanwings is now suspected of deliberately precipitated the device on the mountain. Revelations that have stunned the victims’ families, driveways Thursday gather at the scene of the tragedy.

On Thursday evening in western Germany, investigators raided the two homes of Andreas Lubitz, 28, presented by his family as a young sportsman, “very competent”, “dreaming of flying” and seemingly stories.

At midday, the prosecutor of Marseilles Brice Robin, conducting the investigation since Tuesday, had summarized in an incredible scenario press conference that preceded the plane crash in the French Alps.

Andreas Lubitz refused to open the door of the steering cockpit the captain, who was momentarily the toilet, and operated the controls activating the descent of the unit, told Robin.

“He had no reason to prevent the captain to return to the cockpit,” insisted the prosecutor. The co-pilot “deliberately allowed the plane crash,” said Robin.

The first officer was “living” in the moment of impact, continued the magistrate, whose revelations are from the operation of the first black box of the camera

-. “Inconceivable” –

“There is nothing to say that this is a terrorist attack “stressed, however, Brice Robin, recalling that the young man, who had started working at Germanwings in September 2013 and had a record of 630 hours of flight, was” not listed as a terrorist “, which was confirmed by the . German authorities

“This tragedy is totally inconceivable dimension,” responded the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a brief statement to the press: “This is going beyond the mind.” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has, meanwhile, said “shocked” and “upset”.

Wednesday, alongside François Hollande and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, Merkel had gathered near the scene of the tragedy, in two small mountain villages: Le Vernet and Seyne-les-Alpes .

The families of the victims are in their turn made Thursday in these localities. Into two distinct groups -familles of crew members on one side of the passenger families otherwise, they have gathered in the funeral chapels erected in these two villages.

Overall, 201 people – including 33 relatives of the crew members – have visited the site Thursday, according to a spokesman for Lufthansa, the parent company cheap Germanwings. Most are distributed shortly before 8:00 p.m. (1900 GMT) by bus.

“It is obvious that to learn on arrival that the accident was not one, but the plane crash is a voluntary and deliberate act on the part of the co-pilot (…), inevitably, it was an earthquake for these families (…). It added an additional trauma, “said Pierre-Henry Brandet, spokesman of the Interior Ministry.

” We are stunned by Lufthansa, Germanwings here, “said the same Carsten Spohr responded, head of Lufthansa. There is not “the slightest clue” about the reasons that have prompted Andreas Lubitz such a gesture, he added.

This was from Montabaur, in the state Regional Rhineland-Palatinate (west), where he lived with his parents while having an apartment in Düsseldorf (West), an important staple Germanwings and intended destination of the flight from Barcelona that crashed, according to statements Gabriele Wieland, mayor of this small town, the German news agency DPA

-. Death “instant” –

The other pilot of the A320, the commander edge, has not been formally identified. He had worked for German companies Condor and Lufthansa, Germanwings before joining in May 2014. He had accumulated over 10 years of experience within the Lufthansa Group and more than 6,000 flying hours, spent mostly on devices Airbus type.

“Whatever security measures that you can have in a society, whatever the rigorous procedures, nothing could prevent such an isolated act,” said Spohr , during a press conference in Cologne.

The revelations about the circumstances of the tragedy on Thursday nevertheless pushed companies schuttle Norwegian Air and EasyJet decide to permanently have two people in the cockpit of their devices. The German federation of the aviation sector (BDL) has announced plans to do the same.

The same decision was made by the Federal Government of Canada for all airlines in the country.

The death of the passengers was “instantaneous”, assured the prosecutor Brice Robin, who said “think about a survey requalification” open initially for “manslaughter”.

At the site of the tragedy, search operations, which had resumed Thursday at 7:45 (6:45 GMT) for dead bodies and the second black box of the A320, stopped at dusk at night. DNA samples were taken on some family members of the victims to enable the identification of bodies.

The device, with its 144 passengers and six crew members, crashed Tuesday at about 1,500 m above sea level, in a steep area accessible only by helicopter or after a long walk.


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