Saturday, March 28, 2015

Paris – Departmental: the press calls for mobilization to vote – L’Express

Vote for whoever you want, but vote! ,” says Jean-Marcel Bouguereau, The Republic of the Pyrenees. “ Car abstention ” for him “ sustains extreme and may lead us (new) surprises.

must mobilize Sunday and vote for the right or left against the FN, it is obvious “, written for his part Gilles Van Kote, in Le Monde.

And he explained: “ the advent of FN destabilizes the balance of the Fifth Republic as it threatens the foundations of society and our economy .”

Do not give the ballot for shade! Vote for whoever you want, but vote! ,” also urges Jean-Pierre Lacan, the Midi Libre. “ It is inconceivable that the first country where we instituted direct elections to become one of those where citizens exercise this right unless ,” he laments.

François Régis Hutin, Ouest-France, shares the same opinion: “ more than half of voters did not mind last Sunday (…) it is certain that a start must “.

But it is not enough to the left to avoid an “ severe defeat ” or a “ total rout ” as Paul-Henri predicted the Limbert, Le Figaro sees “ right prevail widely.

The victory of right now seems unstoppable ,” says Dominique Garraud, the Charente Libre.

And so to Le Figaro: “ the second round of departmental elections should lead to a profound change in the political landscape, including the Socialist Party will be the first victim .”

The majority plays big ” admits Bernard Stéphan for La Montagne, who finally asks whether “ PS will save some departments or living one of the biggest debacles of his recent history “.

About 40 million voters are called on Sunday for the second round in 1905 not yet provided cantons.

Nearly one in two voters stayed away from the polls Sunday in the first round.

At a minimum, the ballot should reverse the balance of power between departments: 60 right, 40 left


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