Eric Woerth and his lawyer Jean Yves Le blind & # xE0; they arrived & # XE9 e 23 March 2015 the court & # xE0; Bordeaux
Eric Woerth and his lawyer Jean Yves Le blind when they arrived March 23, 2015 at court in Bordeaux – Mehdi FEDOUACH AFP

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  • Until Wednesday, Eric Woerth, 59, is on trial for passive trading in influence and Patrice de Maistre, 66, for active trading in influence.

  • They are charged with a potential pact that would have seen the Legion d’Honneur (Knight of grade) granted in 2007 to Patrice de Maistre, in return for a job for Woerth’s wife, Florence, in within societies Bettencourt wealth manager, Patrice de Maistre, whose then director-general.

  • This Monday morning, the president of the court was interested in the relationship between the two defendants.

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16 h 42: Eric Woerth wants to show his good faith

“It is identified during the campaign for his career, and it has nothing to do with the hiring of Eric Woerth my wife again. There is no pass right in this case. If I had had an illegal idea I would have kept the record and would not have passed to Jean Louis Borloo. I would have talked more with Patrice de Maistre. And in June, the letter written by Patrice de Maistre shows that he was not aware that I was involved in his case. From March 12 until July, I will speak more “is he defends.

16 h 27: The role of parliamentarians in the awarding of decorations

What are the decoration of the award criteria? Eric Woerth said that for some it is automatic: prefects, senior judges, military officers. And it’s much more difficult to identify in the civil society. And it is the role of parliamentarians. Decorative Applications are reviewed at each change of presidency.

It is natural that the cabinet of Jean Louis Borloo, Minister for the Economy, asked his opinion, he said, because his name De Maistre in the folder.

16 h 19: Two parallel lines

I do not intervene once and if the legion of honor goes all dams is that it has the right profile to be decorated. I did not negotiate the Legion of Honor. The decoration of De Maistre and recruitment of my wife are two parallel lines!

-If the mail was sent by the member of the Oise to the minister of the economy we do not raise the question. There is as treasurer of the campaign, leading the president

-It’s the political context that does this, but it owes its legion of honor to his merits, its history.

16 h 11: A typical procedure for Woerth

Eric Woerth: “This is an extremely conventional procedure. And he gets the legion of honor because it is not of politics but because it is natural with his career. My chief of staff was able to confirm this request to the office decorations, without informing me elsewhere. But he can be done, I do not. Souvien me “

15 h 52: Eric Woerth to the bar

-In the letter you send to Patrice de Maistre, what is the content questions the President

– Already I could not remember of this letter but I said I was certainly intervened meets Eric Woerth. The role of parliamentarians is to identify issues that are not automatic for the Legion of Honor. I bring the documents CV De Maistre and send it to Nicolas Sarkozy.

-The letterhead is the campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy, so you do not write as the member for L’Oise?

– We know each other as part of this campaign. But De Maistre profile to receive the Legion of Honor.

-This is not the issue.

-J’écris candidate because he is identified like that, with the role it has in the country, said Eric Woerth.

-So the legion is linked to the campaign, the president noted. And you say it’s the only time you come directly to Nicolas Sarkozy.

Woerth is a banal story of Legion of Honor.

15 h 35: The president was surprised at the number of employees in office decorations

-Etonnant there is a letter of thanks before he n ‘there is the result of the award, insists the president

-There thank him for having presented his candidacy is all retorts lawyer Jean Yves Le Borgne

‘And I think we’ll give it to me given the questions I get (in an administrative letter of the Grand Chancellery, the decorations of the office).

“It’s also crazy to find that the service decorations employs 20 people! When we know the difficulties of certain services, particularly legal, “says the president.

15 h 28 Patrice de Maistre thank Woerth in a letter

– “How did you manage to know before your application would lead?” asks the president, questioning of possible “inputs of the accused.” And thanked Eric Woerth in a letter

-. “I realized I was going to be appointed. We inquired, that “answers De Maistre

-By who? What information do you have? retorted the president

‘I seem to remember that Eric Sérigny told me and my secretary was also informed me.

– You did not tell the magistrate

15 h 23: “I never requested that Eric Woerth”

The President noted that there was no stamp on the CV Patrice de Maistre as part of its application. Or when a document arrives in a minsitériel cabinet, there must be a buffer …

In the statement it sends Sérigny said he “bought the decoration” and supported the candidature . “I would have never asked for it to Eric Woerth,” says Patrice de Maistre.

14 h 53: Variations in the statements

Eric Sérigny varies in its statements, notes the president of the court: “I certainly supported his candidacy but on the other hand I do not remember having asked me,” and a few paragraphs later: “I do not remember not that I supported the nomination. ” “Pretty amazing these statements, it would have been interesting to hear,” irritated the president, who asks what is in Patrice de Maistre?

“I should stop anyone from asking a legion of honor for me,” responds the accused. “I have never written a letter to Sérigny and Rossi to ask the Legion of Honor,” he adds.

14 h 48: “Eric Woerth is not at all intervened”

Eric Sérigny was quoted by Jean-Yves Le Borgne, lawyer Eric Woerth, but he declined to attend, fearing the press. In his letter to the court explaining that Eric Woerth is not at all involved in the award of the Legion of Honor.

14 h 40: The former adviser to Woerth supports his request Legion of Honor

“Master Rossi did not say what he would do, he said he took care of. In late 2007, he said he took care but he was not sure whether the next promotion, “says Patrice de Maistre. FYI there are 3 rebates per year for the legions of honor at Christmas, Easter and July 14. Eric Sérigny (financial and former adviser to Woerth) proposed to Patrice de Maistre to support his claim. I sent my CV.

14: 30 pm The Legion of Honor De Maistre

“What brings you to seek the Legion of Honour?” asks the president of Denis Roucou court. “In 2006, I see Master Jacques Rossi, who told me that I deserve the Legion of Honor with what I’ve done in life. It offers me to take care of, he said that would be fine, “answers Patrice de Maistre. Jacques Rossi was Chief Financial Officer of the Bolloré group and he was auditor. “It was he who told me about the Legion of Honor this is not me,” insists Patrice de Maistre. “At no time it was he who asked me was I who proposed to him,” says the lawyer in the statements he made during the investigation.