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Germanwings: The six failures that led to the drama with … –


 An aircraft in flight Germanwings Airbus 320 company of the German company Germanwings from Barcelona to Dusseldorf (West Germany) crashed on a mountain, over 700km an hour making 150 dead. The German daily Sunday, March 29, 2015 “BILD” reveals the content of exchanges recorded inside the cockpit between the pilot and Andreas Lubitz, German co-driver aged 27.

We hear passengers screaming and the last sounds from the black box. It is not a terrorist attack by a Muslim fundamentalist / fanatic / Islamist / Salafist. The author of the immoral and irrational criminal suicide is a young European, a German citizen, a native of digital Western civilization, rational, Cartesian, pragmatic, technical and scientific. The immorality and irrationality of the crash over Europe that shocks the world, wishes to co-pilot an Airbus 320 with a mind unhinged, a red line that should not be exceeded in the name of the precautionary principle and responsibility.

At 10:27, the pilot requested to prepare Lubitz landing in Düsseldorf. He responded “I hope we’ll see.” The pilot goes out to the toilet. A few minutes later, the plane began its descent. Andreas Lubitz locked the cockpit door after the momentary release of the captain, before triggering the descent of the aircraft above the mountains. While the passengers were screaming, minutes before the crash, the captain yelled “opens the damn door” Lubitz which precipitated aircraft Germanwings to the ground. The voice of the driver “for the love of God,” opens the door. “He tries to get into the cockpit in vain, trying to open the door with an ax, writes” BILD “.

eines Tages wird Jeder meinen Namen kennen (One day we shall know my name) once said the young German to her friend. She doubted her angst which leads to madness and his psychological fragility because it was plagued by nightmares. The personality of Andreas Lubitz hiding dark secrets of his life. He has always hidden from Germany and his employer’s five (5) evils nailed to the pillory his dream of one day becoming command, including

1 His mental condition;.
2. His panic attack;
3. Its psychological fragility;
4. découlement his retina ;.
5. The acceleration in loss of sight
It was a cover-up in full online co-pilot that was never to be the Airbus orders 320. Originally, crash was not the mechanical or technical unit from the Control Tower. Fatal errors declined in considerable flaws were made, namely:

1. The flaw of the personality of Andreas Lubitz
He was mentally disturbed. He suffered from depression since 2009. He was not a man of action because a man of action is cerebral and emotional. Argue that because of his illness, the world is unfair and hurts is a reflection of frustrated, selfish, jealous and loser. The man of action likes to fight. He draws in this fight his reason for living and hoping. The mobile e the action is the survival instinct of every strong man, sensible, intelligent and courageous. The failure was first announced by an internal weakening. Aggressive confrontation of the young German co-driver driving 149 passengers and crew members to death through suicide is absurd criminal rage powerless to control its destiny through deceit, concealment and duplication of his personality.

No man has grown by lowering the other and killing gratuitously, premeditated and deliberate. Lubitz was low because of any problem, it y’au at least one solution. The collective suicide was not the right solution to his illness, much less the new balance in his madness. It’s too easy to kill and to kill the innocent. One that eludes the action excuses. One that is dedicated to action, to find ways to get out forever. The irresolution is an impossible approach for a man of action who understands that life is made of non-antagonistic contradictions that make harmony, namely the day and night, man and woman, rain or shine time, marriage and divorce, health and illness, wealth and poverty, victory and defeat, ascent and descent, power and fall, white and black, the sun and the moon, the sea and the desert etc. The captain begged him to open the door for God’s sake. He was deaf to the invocation of the name of God Almighty and the Devil remained marble service who loves blood, violence and the death of 150 people.

2. The flaw authority of the captain
He did not know decode Lubitz response to its order. “Hopefully, we’ll see” is a response to double indiscipline and insubordination relaxing by a co-pilot to his captain. This sentence demonstrates that the pilot was not authoritarian respect to the co-pilot. Firmness is needed in the command, because if the rider hesitated, the horse escapes. The captain sin through complacency and inexperience of the personality of Lubitz. He was not able to recognize the changing circumstances in the cockpit and to act promptly, dealing landing itself of the A 320 in Düsseldorf, following terse response and rebellion “I hope we’ll see “the young German.

3. The flaw familial
The family is the foundation of a nation and the last stronghold of an individual. Andreas Lubitz family lived with his parents who knew too much and hard on his illness and its consequences. Why have they not made the behavioral approach method to determine the incompatibility between the illness of their son and his dream to continue to fly and become captain someday? Why have they not in a mental asylum? Why did not they helped their son against making a medical report in two different German or European psychiatrists for more information on its descent to hell and Lufthanza inform his employer of pernicious evil that gnawed it instead of hide the compassion or complicity?

4. The flaw in the neighborhood
In his entourage, everyone knew he was the victim of a depression in 2009. How often must surely know his family and its immediate vicinity. Why omerta prevailed to give the impression that Andreas Lubitz was a normal driver like the others? Why tongues are they untied not until after the crash on the young German behavior problems?

5. The fault of the medical
In Europe unveil patient confidentiality is punishable by law and by way of private law. After the diagnosis of his illness, medical care, support, treatment, it was not appropriate and responsible by the treating physician to inform the employer of sick leave due to the young pilot as cost-effective medical alert for this and preventative for the society of risk of complications and drift of his angst which leads to madness (Der Amork)?

6. The flaw in the business
Is it possible that the employer is not aware of the underlying causes of sick leave after his first depression? It is certain that no one in the company is aware of his illness and negative impacts on its line of co-pilot career? Lubitz he foresaw or been notified of a long-term unemployment? Is there was a flaw in the operation of the business Lubitz considered an injustice against him or sanction of merit and brilliance aviator 27 years? The aircraft is and will long be the safest means of transportation in the world. Avoid operating the anguish and despair in favor of the black series. It there’s two years, Jan Cocheret, Dutch driver 35 years of experience flying today to Emirates airline, a columnist for the airline website Luchtvaartniews (“Aviation News”), predicted the crash scenario Germanwings . Through his article criticizing the Cocheret cockpit security system introduced after September 11th. It was the inappropriate about it there’s a problem inside the cockpit. In his paper published in the journal Pilot in Vliegtuig (“pilot and plane”), he proposed the requirement for a crew member to enter the cockpit when the pilot comes out or the introduction of a second code emergency incident inside the cockpit.

Laurent Maurice Kouakou Economist consultant


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