A German policeman outside the apartment Dusseldorf o & # XF9; Andreas Lubitz lived, according to the authorities XE9 & #; s, 26 March 2015.
A German policeman outside the apartment where Andreas Dusseldorf Lubitz lived, according to authorities, 26 March 2015 – Martin Meissner / AP / SIPA

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One day he would do “something that would change the whole system.” The revelations continue of the personality of Andreas Lubitz, the first officer suspected of having deliberately caused the crash of the Airbus A320 Germanwings in the French Alps, killing all 150 people on board.

What is known about the co-driver Andreas Lubitz

Reliving the events of the day Friday

This time, they come from Maria W., a flight attendant for 26 years presented as the former girlfriend of Andreas Lubitz in the Saturday edition of the German newspaper Bild . It affirms that an when she heard about the crash, phrase copilot he is “back in memory:” One day, I’ll do something that will change the whole system and the whole world will know my name and s ‘remembered in’. “

” The night he woke and cried to “We fall ‘”

According to Bild , the young woman, who “very shocked”, flew five months last year with Andreas Lubitz on European flights, but their relationship, which seems to have lasted the time of their joint work, was never official. If he “did it”, “it is because he understood that because of his health problems, his great dream of a job at Lufthansa (including Germanwings is a low cost subsidiary) as Captain and as long-haul driver was practically impossible, “she says.

The young woman explained her separation Andreas Lubitz” because it was becoming increasingly clear that there was a problem. During the discussions, it creaked and screaming at me (…) At night, he woke and cried “We fall”, “plagued by nightmares. “We’ve always talked a lot of work, and there he became someone else, he got angry about working conditions. Not enough money, fear for the contract (work), too much pressure, “she says.

” He was able to hide from others what is really going on in him “

“He was able to hide from others what is really going on inside him,” she believes, explaining that he “did not talk much of his illness, only that he was a psychiatric patient because of this. ” It evokes a young man “kind and open” during flights “very mild” in private, “someone who needed love.”

The prosecution of Düsseldorf in western Germany, announced Friday that Andreas Lubitz had hidden it was the subject of a sick the day of the accident. Psychiatric disorders seem the preferred hypothesis.

The Airbus A320 Germanwings, which was to connect Barcelona to Düsseldorf, crashed Tuesday in the French Alps, killing all 150 people on board including Andreas Lubitz.