Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Palm admits “some responsibility” in a murder … – TF1

He did not kill, but he “let it happen” by others, he said, admitting “some responsibility” in the first of the four murders he is accused. First breach on Tuesday at the opening of the trial of the “Killer Essonne ” in the fragile defense Yoni Palm. “I have seen a succession of harassment and assault. And at some point in my life, I contacted some people who committed these crimes,” admitted the accused before the Assize Court Evry. “They offered me, I joined.” In question, four people were killed in cold blood at least one shot in the head, between November 2011 and April 2012, in a five-kilometer radius in the Essonne. The idea of ​​these four “accomplices”, which he refuses for fear of “set the blaze”, was first to “break the bones” of his attackers. But “we do not find them.” “A force not found people we wanted, plus my complaints are not successful, it ended in a delirium of this kind,” he says. . “In starting and making an atrocity”
President tries a summary: “You come to agree for you to attack people, first the perpetrators of injustice, and the first person comes, the important thing is whether in the Essonne? ” He nods. “I feel responsible today, because I have left to do (…) At least one, yeah, that’s my fault (…) After that, it went on a testicle.” His fingers clinging to the wooden wall that defines its box, on which he had first heard, slumped, President summarize the facts, he tries to stay on course to face civil party lawyers, who sometimes observed with dismay embroidery around its guideline, then contradict get excited, sighing, playing the insolent and eventually escape the pressing issues. Why Nathalie Davids, the first victim, found in a car shot several bullets? “I do not know.” How were chosen victims? “I do not know.” Why his DNA alone on common weapon in the four murders, found at home? “I have no answer.” A lawyer thundered: “Is what you get it is just the beginning credible explanation?”. He looks away, silent.
Another evokes a disturbing psychiatric examination ordered by the president after the investigation and received on the eve of the trial by the civil parties. “Having a strong temperament, I preferred to kill relieve myself and my problems,” explains Yoni Palm about the murder of Nathalie Davids. No doubt a key document, but that will not be detailed before the hearing of the psychiatrist in question, on 14 April. The accused had timidly started the day by saying, head in the shoulders, not to be “the author of the murders,” before to point to a more unstable and quarrelsome temper.
Anxious at to discuss his “absent father” and his “pretty good relationship” with his mother, he suddenly closes: “Our relationship between me and my family watching me, especially for my mother!” He then agrees to talk about his unique “girlfriend”, Valerie, a one-year relationship “a little shit,” interrupted because he had “tired of sex.” A homosexual relationship, too, with a neighbor: “Experience is everything, without it being something very deep and dirty –for be clear with you– that offends us and fuck us deeply.” Yoni Palm like alternate registers: one side clear thinking in developed vocabulary, another senseless and inaudible statements that leave speechless room. “When I say I do not want to talk, I will not speak!”, He says once the limit is reached.


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