Thursday, March 26, 2015

Crash of the A320, one of the pilots was not in the cockpit! – The Point

After beginning regular flight, one of the two pilots of the Airbus A320 that crashed Germanwings Tuesday in the French Alps, with 150 people on board, left the cockpit and was unable to return during the fall of the unit. The information has been entrusted by a source close to the investigation who had knowledge of the contents of the black box recordings, confirming those initially revealed by the New York Times , and mark a significant acceleration of investigation after the accident which caused considerable excitement throughout Europe.

“At the beginning of the flight, the crew is meant to speak normally, then we hear the sound of one of the seats back, a door that opens and closes, noises indicating that retype the door and there is more conversation this time to crash, “said the source who was not able to tell if it was the captain or copilot who left the cockpit. This information comes from the hearing by investigators from the black box recording the sounds in the cockpit. The cockpit voice recorder (CVR) was found Tuesday a few hours after the accident and his reading was taken late Wednesday afternoon.

premeditated gesture?

This revelation comes to give food for thought to those who evoke the last 48 hours a premeditated move that would have led to the crash. And if the driver remained at the controls had wanted to commit suicide or precipitate voluntarily for unknown reasons the A320 to the ground. Investigators remain very cautious for the moment. It will probably take them several months to establish the exact circumstances of a tragedy that claimed the lives of 150 people.

On the explanation of the tragedy, “at this stage it is closes any hypothesis, “had said Wednesday the director of the Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA) Rémi Jouty, but noted that the plane did not explode in flight, but did have” flown through “before to disintegrate into a thousand pieces against the mountain.

terrorist Hypothesis “not ideal”

On Wednesday morning, the French Interior Minister stated that the terrorist hypothesis was “not ideal.” “If the drivers have not prevented the aircraft and crashed against the mountains is that they were either unconscious or dead, or they have decided to die, or we forced them to die,” had summary an expert.

According to another source close to the matter, questioned on the night of Wednesday to Thursday by the unit’s co-pilot had entered “recently in the company” Germanwings German subsidiary Lufthansa “end of 2013 with his belt several hundred flight hours.” Nationality is also not precisely known, continued the source.


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