Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bill on Intelligence: NGOs denounce a text … –

The reform of the information required by the government concerned NGOs. This Thursday, March 26, Amnesty International, Reporters Without Borders and others held a press conference against the bill that fits “in a purely security and essentially draconian logic”, in the words of the president of the League of Human Rights, Pierre Tartakowski.

“The bill led to a hellish pace that prevents civil society and parliamentarians to prepare”, also insurgent Adrienne Charmet, La Quadrature du Net. Indeed, while the text has been announced that there are three months it will be considered by members in plenary on 13 of April. The latter have more until the end of the week to file their amendments before the Committee on Legislation, which will discuss next week. In recent days, this body has received several NGOs furious


In vain they deplore. “We received a polite listen, but determined,” said Pierre Tartakowsky, President of LDH for whom the “government is not in a logic of amendments, except for security amendments”.

Car NGOs are concerned about the legalization of their questionable practices employed by intelligence services. They also fear the new measures interception on networks, such as “black boxes” that can be implanted in internet service providers to “detect, for automatic processing suspicious succession login data” a Internet

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“This text, sold as a law against terrorism, has a reach far beyond terrorism” and “legalizes massively illegal practices until now, without thinking about their impact and rationale “, said Adrienne Charmet, adding,” Despite what the government, it is indeed massive surveillance practices similar to those implemented by the NSA. ” In addition to terrorism, the text also covers threats against the economic interests of France and those of collective violence.

But above all, NGOs regettent lack of guarantees of respect for freedoms in the text. “It speaks of democratic supervision, but ante control of the action of intelligence service officers was rejected,” Laurence gets mad Blisson, Secretary General of the Union of Magistrates.

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