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Crash A320 Andreas Lubitz have suffered severe … – Le Figaro

VIDEO – In 2009, the young man would have interrupted his pilot training because he was suffering from “depression and anxiety attacks,” according to the German newspaper Bild. It would have been under treatment for “medical and regular.”

Andreas Lubitz motivations remain a mystery. But the mad suicide theory copilot of Germanwings Airbus A320 reinforces a little more. According to the German tabloid Bild , the young man aged 27 had suffered a “heavy depressive episode” in 2009. He would have been a psychiatric treatment in a total of eighteen months. Since then, the young man was being treated “special and regular medical”. The newspaper had access to the documents of the German supervisory authority for air transport, the Luftfahrtbundesamt. These elements had been sent to him by Lufthansa, Germanwings parent. A psychologist should consult Friday documents of Luftfahrtbundesamt before transmitting them to the French investigators. The latter believe that the co-pilot deliberately caused the crash of the Airbus A320.

Andreas Lubitz had begun in 2008 pilot training in the air group in Bremen. But the young man stopped “for several months” its curriculum, said Thursday the head of the company, Carsten Spohr. The latter said he was not in the right to reveal the cause of the interruption. But, according to Bild , Andreas Lubitz suffering “of depression and anxiety attacks.” He had finally resumed training after ironing all the necessary aptitude tests and successfully completed his training, according to Lufthansa. Andreas Lubitz was co-pilot since 2013 on Airbus A320 aircraft. At the end of his studies, the applicant had to wait eleven months after the conclusion of his training before starting to drive a device. This delay is “not unusual,” says the company.

“The drivers must undergo periodic medical examination”

During their career, airline pilots are subject regular medical follow-up. “The pilots must undergo periodic health examination (performed by a specialist in aerospace medicine, Ed) which includes both a physical and mental evaluation,” explains the International Civil Aviation Organization. “If medical monitoring raises concerns, other evaluations, more specialized, can be carried out, including neuropsychological testing,” adds this specialized agency of the UN. For depression, a pilot is being instant flight stop. In order to prevent another tragedy, several companies have still decided to have permanently two people in the cockpit of their devices. The German federation of the airline industry has announced that it do the same

“VIDEO. – House searches in the co-pilot environment


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