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A320: insurers will compensate the loss of life and … – Le Figaro

The fact that the accident was caused deliberately does not lead to exclusion of insurance policies.

Consecutive casualties crash Tuesday Germanwings A320 in the French Alps, and the aircraft destroyed will be compensated by insurers, even if the accident was caused deliberately, said Friday AFP sources close to the case. “The fact that it was a suicide does not change the insurance. (…) There are no exclusions,” said a source in the insurance sector.

The flight Germanwings , a subsidiary of Lufthansa, connecting Barcelona in Düsseldorf crashed Tuesday in the French Alps and all its occupants -in total of 150 passenger-died. The co-pilot of the aircraft clearly locked up in the cockpit, taking advantage of a brief absence of the captain and deliberately precipitated the air on the mountain. The coverage of the insurance is not affected even when a disease has been concealed to the employer. The prosecution of Düsseldorf (West Germany) announced that the first officer had hidden it was the subject of a sick the day of the accident. “The fact that the co-pilot did not report his illness to his superiors does not result in exclusion from the Lufthansa insurance policy for any employee has the right to privacy, it is his responsibility if he hides things, “said the legal responsibility of an airline

In this case, two elements will come into account: on one side the insurance covering the value of the aircraft;. another liability relating to compensation for relatives of the victims. Regarding the loss of a fixed deposit should be paid to their families, regardless of age, income or gender. “Then it is up to each family, usually with the help of a lawyer, to justify the amount of damage that (the loss of close) represents for him,” said the source of the insurance industry. Elmar Giemulla, air law professor at the Technical University of Berlin, told the German regional newspaper Rheinische Post, said that Lufthansa should deal with compensation claims “a small amount, double-digit millions” that is to say of the order of 10 to 30 million.

The compensation of the aircraft, meanwhile, will be covered by a specific insurance for the risks linked to acts of war because the device was deflected voluntarily.

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