Friday, March 27, 2015

LIVE. Crash of the A320: the “evidence” seized from Andreas … – Le Point

. “During the search of the apartment co-pilot, were seized clues. These are various objects and paper,” said a spokesman for the Düsseldorf police, Marcel Fiebig. However, it denies the British press reports citing in particular a “significant discovery”. “We’ll see if (the indices entered) finally bring evidence. We will study all this,” he says. German investigators raided two homes Thursday night to the aircraft’s co-driver in Düsseldorf, where he had an apartment in Montabaur, Rhineland-Palatinate, where he lived part of the time with his parents. A person, the face covered by a coat, went out with the investigators who have made no statement to the press. They notably won the CPU of a computer, as well as two large blue bags and a visibly solid cardboard

. Investigators and rescuers resumed nine o’clock, for the fourth consecutive day, their research to locate the second black box of the A320 Germanwings and identify 150 victims of the crash. Thirty-seven rescuers and eleven police forensic science should be rushed to the impact zone of the unit with four helicopters, instead of five so far. In order to investigators, it is Above all found the second black box and identify as quickly evacuated the body of the mountain, thanks to samples taken from families Thursday afternoon.

The National Union of Airline Pilots (SNPL) announces its intention to file a complaint against persons unknown for breach of professional secrecy after. revelations of the New York Times on Thursday.

“We are particularly shocked that the situation has been that the Bureau of Investigation analysis makes a press conference in 17 hours saying we have nothing to say to you , “said Eric Derivry on RMC, the spokesman SNPL. “Then a few hours later, the New York Times the other side of the Atlantic provides extremely detailed information that was confirmed by the public prosecutor. Unlike all commitments Privacy faced by people who are part of the investigation, there were leaks. ” “We decided to complain and call for a reform of the BEA operation.”

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