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Marine Le Pen poses with a Front National militant, March 25, at a rally to Henin-Beaumont 25 March 2015.

Marine Le Pen has little tasted the presentation that was made of the results of the first round departmental elections on Sunday 22 March. “The system has attempted to manipulate the announcement of these results,” , denounced the president of the National Front at a meeting to Henin-Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais), Wednesday, March 25, four days before the second round of the county. “Liars know quantify, but the numbers do not lie: the FN was the evening of the first round, the first party of France. “

A time announced in third place on the evening of the first round, with disappointing results in comparison to some polls promised him 30% of the vote, the National Front has finally collected 25% the national vote, and finished second in the poll, behind the coalition formed by the UMP and the UDI. For the FN, which had never reached such a level in this election, the party was spoiled. And the fault lies in his in “UMPS system” , against which the president of the far-right party has borne the heaviest blows for twenty minutes.

“This campaign has revealed the true nature of our enemies: hate, violence. Nicolas Sarkozy has refused to debate with me, he prefers to insult me ​​by far “, has she complained, before denouncing the will of Manuel Valls ” stigmatize “ FN . “They are already in the scam, the maneuver you withdraw there, I withdraw that. They could make joint meetings, they say the same thing. We could rename the UMPS the club havana they like to smoke big cigars, feet on the desk, sated their sufficiency “, she quipped

Steeve Briois, FN mayor of Henin-Beaumont, March 25, 2015 during a meeting of Marine Le Pen.

This victimization strategy facing a “system” supposedly homogeneous, widely used in the time by Jean-Marie Le Pen, has found something to eat to Henin-Beaumont. Early Wednesday morning, individuals would actually broke into the ground floor of the Town Hall and caused the beginning of arson. Two scooters were destroyed by fire; walls, floor and ceiling of a room are themselves burned; confused inscriptions were written on a wall, apparently directed against the mayor of Henin-Beaumont, Steeve Briois and his deputy on the economy and sports, Laurent Brice. “This is clearly political act like it’s not personal. If someone is able to do that, its threats, it can translate into action “, is worried Mr. Brice. Steeve Briois himself has made to the prefecture a request for police protection.

In his speech, M me Le Pen took issue with the charges against his opponents she and her candidates. An attitude that would feed it believes such crimes. “Unquestionably, this has consequences on the behavior of weak minds, like the one who went burn the town of Henin-Beaumont” , she found.

During this campaign between the two rounds of departmental elections, the president of the Front decided to hold only one meeting. Not in the Vaucluse Aisne or two departments most likely to switch into the hands of the National Front at the second round, Sunday, March 29, but in this town of Henin-Beaumont she calls “vanguard” of the FN. She took the opportunity to congratulate Steeve Briois, elected Mayor of the Year by the jury of the rogue’s gallery, composed of political journalists. “They had trouble letting go, this award. Yet what is deserved “, was she pleased. Despite the fact that this award is granted by the “system” it slays.


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