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Bettencourt trial: Woerth and Maistre relations in detail – Europe1

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The former Budget Minister Eric Woerth and his lawyer Jean-Yves Leborgne arrive in Bordeaux Criminal Court, Monday, March 23, 2015. © AFP
Europe 1

“I did not negotiate the Legion of Honour” for Patrice de Maistre, former asset manager of Liliane Bettencourt. And “hiring my wife” is not the consideration, insisted Monday the former UMP minister Eric Woerth. The two men appeared before the Criminal Court of Bordeaux where they were charged with influence peddling in the “financial aspect” of the case Bettencourt

The position of Florence Woerth and the Legion.: “two parallel cases.” It is a strange dialogue of the deaf held Monday to Bordeaux Criminal Court. First, one side of the bar: Eric Woerth who swears never to have negotiated the hiring of his wife, Florence Woerth, in Clymene, the financial holding company aiming to grow dividends L’Oréal . Above all, he did not, in turn, presented the Legion of Honor to Patrice de Maistre, CEO of Clymene in 2007. Yet he decorated himself pinned on the jacket of the former asset manager of Liliane Bettencourt, heiress of L’Oreal. Eric Woerth, these two issues are two parallel lines that do not meet.

Ambiguous relationships with Patric de Maistre . On the other hand, Denis Roucou, the president of the court, catchy, even provocative, Eric Woerth asks if he does not pretend not to understand. First on these links with Patrice de Maistre. The presiding judge tickles eg a dedication written in 2006, registered “in friendship”, signed by the hand of Eric Woerth, then treasurer of the UMP. The latter replied that he signed dozens of autographs like that.

Legion “for his professional skills.” Regarding the request of Legion of Honor, Eric Woerth confirms that he has passed after meeting Patrice de Maistre in the donor circle of Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign in 2007. However, it ensures that only on his professional qualities that the asset manager of Liliane Bettencourt l has obtained.

“It is not for a second round.” The discussion then slide towards political campaign financing UMP candidate in 2007, the clan Bettencourt. The Chair asked whether the Legion of Honor is not a consideration. This time it is the prosecutor who steps into the breach. Because the file has already been purged. For the prosecution, the evidence of “cause and effect” between the decoration awarded to Patrice de Maistre and recruitment of Florence Woerth “has not been formally reported.” In May 2013, the Crown had indeed requested a dismissal. “It is not for a second round,” So annoyed the prosecutor.

A lost Patrice de Maistre. In the midst of it all, Patrice de Maistre seems Lost: “I was not prepared to be here,” he admits, who has conveniently chosen not to hang his jacket red tape that today is worth it to be in court.

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