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Manuel Valls in Tours, on 26 March.

Manuel Valls still wants to believe it. “Nothing is decided” , he provides three days before the second round of the departmental elections, during a meeting in Tours (Indre-et-Loire). The Prime Minister tried to “mobilize and convince voters to the last” . In this department, the PS came third in the first round, with 21%, behind the National Front (23%) and the UMP (35%). The risk is high for socialists to see Sunday, March 29 the General Council switch to right

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Here, as in the rest of the country, Manuel Valls refused any defeatism. “It is not the commentators prognosticators who make the election, the voters’ , has he launched before few hundred PS activists gathered under the gilding of the village hall the town hall. As the evening of the first round, Sunday, March 22, the Head of Government maintains that his party and the Left as a whole have made “honorable results” . He has no regrets of his total involvement in the election campaign and his “stigma” Personal FN. “I am proud to have led this campaign, there was no choice but to engage” , he said, already warning that “continue the fight” against the extreme right after the election.

If Marine Le Pen’s party totaled 25% of the votes in the first round, not 30% as announced in the surveys, so that’s part according to Mr. Valls with its dramatization strategy. “We had to commit fully to politicize the campaign, I had to do it, otherwise we would have criticized me a cynical form” , he told the press in the who led the TGV from Paris to Tours in the afternoon. It rejects any form of “denial” from him and says “the left block is flush with the right block” , at the risk of adding in the same set the results of the PS and the Left Front, yet difficult to reconcile politically. But the Prime Minister also told “extremely lucid” on the historical level reached by the FN. “The National Front vote settles, implants, is becoming commonplace. His ideas are progressing in our cities, our neighborhoods, our suburban and rural territories “, he admits, even confident that the extreme right and the new tripartism are ” installed for a long time “ in national political life.

But Mr Valls refuses to admit defeat. It is possible, he said, the PS lost “20-30 departments” Sunday evening, almost half its current territorial capital in the worst case. The impact would be huge, especially if symbolic departments, such as the Essonne, his chosen land or the Correze, that of François Hollande, were rocking right. But the head of government still believes in a revival of the left in the second round. Better, he does not think that the second round of departmental will amplify the results of the former. “I could be wrong, but I do not feel that the campaign for the second round started the head on the block” , as there has one year to the PS, in the municipal elections of March 2014 , he said.

For this, he still intends to mobilize the electorate of left and including March 22 abstainers. “I solemnly appeal to all those who voted for the left in 2012, to all those who doubt because it is difficult for those who abstained. I tell them, decision time has come, come and vote on Sunday, men and women left and Republicans! “ he told the forum.

What is better therefore to mobilize the socialist electorate in 2012 that agitate the scarecrow Nicolas Sarkozy? “Sunday, the men and women of the left must also make it clear they do not want a Nicolas Sarkozy back” , asked the Prime Minister. Once again, the former president of the Republic, emerged as the winner of the first round thanks to the good score of the UMP, was the main target of his speech. Mr. Valls accused Mr Sarkozy in Perpignan meeting that evening, “lying to the French” and especially “run behind the National Front” . “We do not attack the National Front when it gets obnoxious controversy over the identity and secularism. We do not attack: it shows that is lower and it is stronger “, has he criticized the president of the UMP

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But to try to dampen the blue wave that s’ announces the second round, the head of government is also known that the left must succeed to gather. “The results show that the first round to win, the left must know meet, come together” , he pointed. The yard is huge as the left is divided part in these elections. That is, for Manuel Valls, “an electoral and political lessons learned” of the county: “Now we know! Voters and parties have understood “, he says about the risk of defeat for the left on Division. The Prime Minister is sure: “the political consequences of this election are the major political strategies of the parties. “

The union is the only salvation from the left to the presidency in 2017. He promises that he has no problem with the partners of the PS, it is even “favorable to the entry of Greens” to the government. But not all conditions: “The only requirement we have with the President of the Republic is the consistency and loyalty” , warns Mr Valls

If. a redesign must take place within the coming months, “there will be no change of economic course” , he insists, in response to Cécile Duflot which conditioned the return of environmentalists government a “change of course” . The head of government is in no hurry, he prefers to leave “mature” each: the Greens are to meet next week to discuss their positioning outside the county, and the PS will enter the preparation its convention in June in Poitiers. “The left has its destiny, it can win in 2017, but it’s up to her to decide” , he says, like an injunction to everyone for the next two years .


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