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The left has perhaps not win the Lozère (or kept the Tarn-et … – The Express

The left, which welcomed Sunday a “historic success” in Lozere seemed a little less sure of herself Monday because of the unknown surrounding the two elected representatives of the canton of Chirac, who reiterated their were “neither right nor left.”

“The right has lost the department, we have not won yet,” noted with some despite Senator Mayor DVG Mende Alain Bertrand on the website of the Midi Libre . Sunday, Lozère was presented as the only department of metropolitan France have switched from right to left.

A close result

In the final tally, the right, which had hitherto always led the least populated region in France, won six cantons. The left has also won six districts. In the thirteenth division of the department, that of Chirac, UMP deputy Pierre Morel A Usher dropped.

But the winners of this decisive Township, Henry and Sophie Boyer Malige (54.76%) recalled that they had campaigned unlabeled and reaffirmed their “neither right nor Left “. However, the Interior Ministry has indeed classified as the binomial “other left.”

Disagreements about a possible regional president

In addition, despite a meeting Monday morning, the Socialists were unable to agree on the name the potential successor of the UMP Jean-Paul Pourquier at the head of the local executive.

The application of the leader of the United Left in this election, Sophie Pantel (DVG), elected in Saint-Etienne du Valdonnez (51.15%), was questioned by some of the PS who prefer another Pantel, Pantel Guylène (PS) elected her, Florac (60.97%) and no family relationship with its namesake. The result: Lozère socialist authorities have decided to organize a vote by members on Tuesday.

In the circumstances, John Paul Pourquier, one of the few bosses the right to have saved his seat, wants to believe in a potential turnaround. The outgoing president imagines take advantage of disunity on the left or the support of the Modem Bourgade Régine elected with the PS Suau Laurent Mende 1 (52.65%).

Similar situation in the Tarn-et-Garonne

45 years Chaired by Baylet family for 30 years by the boss of the PRG Jean-Michel Baylet, candidate to succeed him in that position, right and left are out of the second round with 14 seats each in the Tarn-et-Garonne. The fate of the majority depend Thursday of the attitude of the fifteenth elected binomial, which claims no label. It is classified various left by the Ministry of Interior, but the local UMP claims its support.

“There will be no UMP candidate” for president of the county council, said cryptically at the vanguard of the local right Brigitte Barèges, adding that “the Presidency shall vest in the we see as the best or better able to bear the change. ” In the general outgoing council, PS and PRG counted 22 of the 30 elected.




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