Friday, March 27, 2015

The first officer had hidden “disease” – Press Centre

The first officer of the Airbus A320 for Germanwings hid he was the subject of a sick the day of the plane crash in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

Andreas Lubitz hid he was the subject of a sick the day the Airbus A320 that was the last to pilot crashed in France Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. The prosecutor in Düsseldorf, Christoph Kumpa, has announced Friday that stopping certificates disease had been found torn in the co-pilot of Germanwings, but for now no farewell letter that would reveal a premeditated act originally the disaster that claimed 150 lives. These documents seized are “support the thesis” that the young man “hid his illness to his employer and his professional environment” , according to the magistrate.

Medical Treatments

The results found attest to a “existing illness and related medical treatment” is said Christoph Kumpa which did not reveal the nature of the disease. But according to the daily Süddeutsche Zeitung , which does not cite any source, stops would be “apparently” signed a “neurologist and psychiatrist” .
There are six, as he followed his pilot training, Andreas Lubitz had suffered from severe depression, revealed the daily Bild , on the basis of official documents to which he had access. The pilot, from the quiet town of Montabaur, in western Germany, was the subject of a follow “special and regular medical” since.

Psychological Test successfully passed

Bild stresses that such information had been passed by Lufthansa, parent Germanwings, the German supervisory authority of air transport (Luftfahrtbundesamt, LBA). Clinic Düsseldorf has however denied press reports claiming that she had cared for the copilot depression. She nevertheless acknowledged the receipt for “Diagnostics” , without elaborating.
Presented by relatives as a sports and “very competent” , Andreas Lubitz had interrupted his training “for a while” before and normally complete to commence co-driver career in 2013, according to the information provided Thursday by the head of Lufthansa. The leader stressed do not have the right to say more about the reason for the interruption of its formation. He insisted that Andreas Lubitz had passed all tests, including psychological in recruitment.


& gt; Black box and DNA. Research has resumed on Friday in the crash zone. For investigators, it is above all found the second black box and identify as quickly evacuated the body of the mountain, thanks to samples taken from families Thursday afternoon. Among the fifteen investigators, ten are dedicated to DNA samples taken from the mountain and the other five in the inquest
& gt.; Recommendations. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has called Friday the presence of two crew members in the cockpit at all times, including “at least one qualified pilot.” In a recommendation it describes as “temporary”, published on its website, the Agency considers that companies must “reassess risks [...] associated with the fact that a crew member leaves the cockpit due to operational or physiological needs. ” The spokesman for the European Commission, Mina Andreeva also indicated that the EU had put “under review” an evolution of safety regulations to impose the permanent presence of two members of the crew in the cabin piloting airplanes.


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