Tuesday, March 31, 2015

When Sarkozy and Cope écharpent on the future name of the UMP – The Obs

Two departments in three. Right after the triumph departmental elections, which marked the dismal failure of the PS. It was enough for Jean-Francois Cope, UMP deputy mayor of Meaux feel grow wings.

At the Politburo convened by the President of the UMP, Nicolas Sarkozy, Jean -François Cope has put his foot in it, reports “The Opinion”

Is it really useful to change the name of the UMP after such a victory? We won with this brand.
– It is an innocent question, replica Nicolas Sarkozy
-. Yes, Nicolas is an innocent question.
– Well, I will tell you why Jean-François UMP will change its name: it is because I have to manage a judicial calendar you know well, “concluded the former head of state, lashing


For several months, Jean-Francois Cope does not hide his lack of enthusiasm changed the name of the right-wing party. This is yet a willingness to Nicolas Sarkozy, since “the brand [UMP] has was slightly damaged, “referring to the Bygmalion case after which Jean-Francois Cope had to resign from the presidency of the party.

UMP’s leaders have agreed on a time the name “The Gathering” finally dismissed by Nicolas Sarkozy, especially a sovereigntist party of the same name already exists. The president of the UMP would now be tempted by “Republicans” to attract Republicans and right center, scoring a separation line with the National Front (FN).

The official name of the party to be unveiled on 30 May. The number two of the UMP, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, is responsible to reflect on this, taking into account the requirements of Nicolas Sarkozy.

The schedule should also accelerate. “The Opinion” also reports that Nicolas Sarkozy has decided that the political bureau of the party will not meet every two weeks, but every week to finalize the terms of organization of the primary in 2016 and the statutes of the new party . Political power relations will also change to include more sarkozystes political office.



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