Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Villefontaine: the principal admitted rape – Europe1

Europe 1

Primary School Villefontaine, in Isère, where a director is suspected of rape its graders © AFP

The principal of a primary school in Villefontaine on suspicion of rape of students in his class PC, acknowledged the facts in custody, prosecutors said Tuesday in Vienna. This teacher, aged 45, is suspected of having imposed blowjobs at least two girls in his class of CP. Nine complaints corresponding to nine students in the class of this teacher were recorded at this stage, said the prosecutor, Matthew Bourrette.

A “taste workshop” inflicted students . According to the first elements of the investigation, the facts allegedly took place between December and March, the back of a classroom, behind a screen. The director would set up what he called “a taste of the workshop”: blindfolded, the children were asked to identify “things” that the teacher made them taste. These are the descriptions and complaints from two older students in six years that led their parents to complain immediately. With their words of children, both girls told that they had to reach with hands and mouth with what looked like a “pipe” or a “willy”. One of them explained that this had happened several times.

The child abuse images. Following complaints from parents there a few days, the director was arrested Monday and placed in custody for minor facts about rape. And at the end of his police custody extended by 24 hours the teacher confessed. The searches conducted at his home have also led to the discovery of child abuse content: a film and images stored on a USB key.

A man already convicted on similar charges. This teacher, aged 45 and father, took the reins of the School Villefontaine at the last school year, when he arrived in as director. A troubling when one learns that the man had been convicted in 2008 for concealment of child pornography images character. What did the Ministry of Education of the past in charge of this official? The teacher was sentenced at the time 6 month suspended sentence with psychiatric obligations but no prohibition to practice a profession related to children. “These precedents were not known of Education. So there is nothing in the record of this man, this teacher on the first conviction. The National Education did not know completely”, said Tuesday the Isere academy inspector at the microphone Europe 1.

An administrative inquiry. The Minister of Education announced Tuesday the opening of an administrative inquiry, after the revelation of this case. “In order to shed light on this case and without prejudice to the judicial inquiry under the Prosecutor’s authority”, the Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, was “immediately ordered an administrative investigation by the general inspection of the administration of the Ministry of Education and Research, “the ministry said in a statement.


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