Saturday, March 28, 2015

The time change it allows to save energy … – TF1

backwards or forward their watches? This question, the French may soon no longer have to ask it. Ségolène Royal has announced Saturday, a few hours of switching to summer time, that his ministry would “verify” the “impact” of the time change “on the economies of Power that was the reason.” “The ministry will check the justification and make public the results to decide whether next year,” she tweeted.

The time change was introduced in France in 1975 to match the hours of activities with the hours of sunshine. It was thus limit the use of artificial lighting and make energy savings. While the countries of the European Union will lose an hour in the night from Saturday to Sunday by switching to summer time, 58% of French say they are still opposed to this measure and 66% say they do not believe in his impact in terms of energy savings, according to a BVA-Orange-iTELE survey.

“A disadvantage” for many French

According to a study by the Environment Agency and of Energy Management (ADEME) published in 2010, the time change, which critics point disturbances in biological rhythms and agricultural activities, has saved 440 GW / hour in 2009.


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