Monday, March 30, 2015

Andreas Lubitz suicidal long before driver – BBC

According to the prosecution of Düsseldorf, he received psychotherapy successfully. But he always took antidepressants.

According to the Attorney General in Düsseldorf, Christophe Kumpa, the first officer of the Airbus A320 Germanwings had before to exercise his profession, manifested suicidal and received psychotherapy. The treatment was successful before Andreas Lubitz obtains his pilot’s license. In his last medical visits, which gave rise to judgments Medicare, the young man “showed no suicidal danger or aggression towards others.” The Communication prosecutors, “medical documentation makes no mention of organic disease.” University Clinic Düsseldorf sent Monday morning to justice the medical record of the co-pilot. It has a department for eye problems, and problems for Andreas Lubitz explain his last three consultations between February and March. The silence of the prosecutor seems to attest that these problems could have been psychosomatic or related to antidepressants. According to Bild, the companion of Andreas Lubitz, yet pregnant, had left shortly before the drama precisely because it took too many liberties with his treatment with antidepressants. What would have made irascible and unpredictable. Prosecutors in Duesseldorf further states that “it can not take part in speculation about the motives of the co-pilot, as it should stick to the facts. We have not heard, when the first research in the personal, family or professional environment of the driver of a solid index or a possible motive. “No letter announcing a project to crash a plane or claiming the crash was found to come.

When contacted by Bild Aunt copilot, Brigitte W., 79, regrets that his nephew had “decided to send his plane against the mountainsides. For the family, it’s hard to live with that. “She describes” a small-model son, who came to greet his grandparents when he put his plane in Munich. I never knew anything about his mental problems or his eye problems. When we had family celebrations, he was cheerful and never spoke of his work stress. “Yet Andreas Lubitz was indeed ill. As evidenced by the work stoppage from 16 to 29 March that he had torn.

The real nature of his health problems, apart from his psychological problems, is not yet known with certainty, in Because of confidentiality. The representative of the public prosecutor leading the investigation German side. Over a hundred investigators were mobilized in the special commission “Alps”. Their priority is to quickly access the DNA of German passengers in order to make possible the comparison with the debris collected at the scene. The police spokesman confirmed to Rheinische Post : “We look for hair or skin particles. Samples are sent to the Federal Criminal Police, which sends the genetic code to French investigators for comparison. “

Two guards guard the entrance of a building in the quaint subdivision Rath Düsseldorf. On the ground floor living Marianna, mother of the captain killed in the disaster. This septuagenarian does not want to be bothered by reporters. Before the building entrance is guarded, Marianna responded behind the door to special envoys from Europe and 1 English newspaper Daily Mirror . She spoke of her son, Patrick S., 34, who had realized his dream of being master mariner but had asked to be paid to employees Germanwings. Short-haul flights of low cost airline allowed him to see more of her two children, ages 3 and 6 years. “I lost my son, and all because of an idiot. I can not understand it. How could he? “Was still carried Marianna. Other guards also paid by Lufthansa, monitor housing access for family members.


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