Sunday, March 29, 2015

The last minutes before the crash of the A320 – Paris Match

The pieces fit together in dribs and drabs, restoring the A320 crash scenario Germanwings company Wednesday in the French Alps. This Sunday, we learn the last words uttered by the driver, stuck outside the cockpit, begging his co-driver to open it. But also problems for Andreas Lubitz, which may partly explain his depression. However, the young man seemed to have a happy life, since his fiancée was apparently pregnant.

“Open the damn door!” This little phrase, revealed this Sunday in a German newspaper “Bild”, may haunt the families of the victims of the crash of the A320, including that of the driver. It is indeed Patrick S., who stuck out of the cockpit after his co-pilot had the locked, would have screamed, repeated “frantically” while drumming on the door, feeling the tragedy happen … “For God’s sake, open the door!” The captain had to miss a moment, pointing to his colleague that he had not had time to go to the bathroom in Barcelona. He asked Andreas Lubitz prepare landing. To which he responded a few words that have seemed strange to his interlocutor, “I hope. We’ll see. “

These statements are from the black box of the aircraft that crashed Wednesday in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, causing 150 deaths. They are kept secret for now, but the German newspaper has obtained this information, stating that during the first 20 minutes of the flight, the conversation of the two men is summarized mundane exchanges.

Investigators have over an hour of recording, the 4U9525 flight that took off with nearly a half hour late, at 10:01, and having struck a mountain to 10:40. It is through this sound they also heard the breathing of the co-pilot, assuming that he was all alone in the cockpit when he started the fatal descent. Once out Patrick S. Andreas Lubitz not deliver short, neither satisfies the demands of his superior, or those of air traffic controllers. Everything we hear, besides the desperate pleas of the commander, then the passengers would be screaming when the plane touches the mountain.

Problems of view that could prevent him from continuing this business

As for the reason for this terrible act, it is always the focus. Andreas Lubitz was about to marry his girlfriend as the “Spiegel”. This high school teacher has even announced to her students that she was pregnant. However, the elements accumulate proving that he was suffering from psychological disorders. Last seen track: sight, deteriorating due to pathology, reveals the “New York Times” on Sunday. Which would have necessarily prevented from realizing his dream of becoming a pilot for the long-haul Lufthansa. A thesis supported by his ex-girlfriend in the columns of the same Saturday newspaper.

The Gendarmerie General Jean-Pierre Michel, this Saturday in Düsseldorf from a French delegation of three people came together with German investigators confirmed that the “personality” of Andreas Lubitz was “a serious track” and the voluntary act the preferred scenario, reports AFP, while stressing that the other tracks, involuntary fault or technical malfunction of the device, were still not excluded. In south-eastern France, the research, which had resumed Saturday around 9:20 in Seyne-les-Alpes, about ten kilometers from the crash zone were suspended around 18:30, said a spokesman for the gendarmerie. The second black box was not found

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