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Ile-de-France: Endangered in Essonne, the left will lose … – Liberation

The line should not be a grand slam in the seven Ile-de-France departments: the left resists rather Seine-Saint-Denis and the Communists, after the first round of departmental elections, hope always save their stronghold of Val-de-Marne despite disunity. But the left is in danger in two other departments, especially in Seine-et-Marne, the loss of “is a situation already certain,” by the admission of its President (PS) coming, Vincent Eble. And the situation is risky in Essonne, Socialist stronghold since 1998 and Department Manuel Valls. Update on Sunday night results

Hauts-de-Seine, Yvelines, Val-d’Oise. Right keeps its strongholds

In these two bastions of Yvelines and Hauts-de-Seine, the challenge of this first round was low enough to the right, also supported by favorable domestic winds. Of the 23 districts that make up the 92, five pairs of right have even been elected in the first round (4 UMP candidates and 6 labeled “Union of the Right”), including the current president of the council, the UMP Patrick Devedjian Antony and Pierre-Christophe Baguet Mayor (UMP) of Boulogne-Billancourt. The right to block totals nearly 49% of the vote, facing a FN far below the national average (12.89%) and a very fractured left. Characteristic of the region: while the PS could lose 2 or 3 of its 8 cantons, the Left Front, which also holds 8 cantons could keep

Yvelines, if no UMP-UDI ticket is directly elected in the first round, they are leading the race in 21 cantons except one: Les Mureaux, the FN ahead right. In the canton of Rambouillet, former Minister Christine Boutin is a tie against the National Front. As in that of Mantes-la-Jolie, where the duo of President of the outgoing General Council faces the tandem Mayor (FN) of Mantes-la-Ville, Cyril Nauth. But overall, the FN-which around 20% on the department- is present in the second round in eight cantons.

Val-d’Oise n ‘ was not a historical stronghold of the right. It should consolidate its dominance is next since Sunday in pole position in 17 of the 21 cantons. In 12 of these second rounds, the UMP-FN UDI will face a duo, this one, very high (24.8% in the department), calling is in 16 townships in all. Swept the left, it does tops in 5 cantons and is able to qualify in 9.

The Seine-et-Marne will switch to right

leading in 5 of 23 cantons, and present only in a tie in 7 cantons, it is unclear how the left could keep the largest department in the Ile-de-France, she led since 2004. With 13.78% of the vote, the PS is third, well behind the FN (31.2%) and UMP (26.89%). Leading in eight cantons of Seine-et-Marne, the Marine Le Pen’s party qualifies in 19 cantons. The left including paying the price of its divisions. In the canton of Champs-sur-Marne, the outgoing president of the council, the Socialist Vincent Eble, is thus in a tie … Faced with FCP-EE-LV pairs. “It was foreseeable that the county would take a great majority thawed” has swagger Sunday evening Jean-Jacques Hyest, leader of the UMP departmental, betting that “could do not be a departmental councilors of the National Front “ at the end of the second round.

The Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne resist

9-3 is aligned to keep its majority. The right, which has made big scores in the last municipal and dreams to take power on earth left, comes second after the first round. She dominated the left in 7 of the 21 cantons. For its part, the Socialist Party, which had joint lists with environmentalists over most of the department, came top in 10 cantons. So, the outgoing majority breathe a little better before the second round. The loss of this department would be a first: the left runs the Seine-Saint-Denis since 1968, an eternity. But the loss of this department would also be a failure for the government: 93 voted 65% for Hollande in 2012. Since the voter left pass from the left or from the polling station. Sunday, less than a third of voters went to the polls. The lowest score at the national level. The real novelty in Seine-Saint-Denis: the arrival of the National Front, nonexistent before and whose two candidates advance to the second round. Times change.

The romance between the PCF and the Val de Marne, a continuing story since 1976, could be extended. Sunday night at exit polls, the outgoing president said: “. No candidate was eliminated when he was leaving” For the second round, he called the gathering of “all left” . As everywhere in France, the left is divided party in the first round. Next Sunday, it will “block” to beat the right and keep the department. In the department, nearly one voter in two moved. A figure net increase from the 2011 cantonal, where participation was at a small 36.29%.

Suspense in Essonne

the right could snatch 91: PS stronghold stronghold since 1998 and Manuel Valls. Sunday at the exit polls, the right of the Union and the UMP raced into the lead with 9 of the 21 cantons. Opposite, the socialist candidates remain in 17 cantons. Outgoing President Jêrome Guedj, who got nearly 40% of the vote in Massy, ​​said: “It’ll be rough, rough, but nothing is.” The week promises tense. Already, it was not a joke between the former minister and leader of the right in the department Georges Tron and Jêrome Guedj. Note that in some cantons, for example Evry, left, was eliminated in the first round as she totaled almost 40% of the vote if we add the voices. The division, a problem that may leave traces.


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