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Crash A320 He had “planned to commit a heinous act” – Europe1

Europe 1

Europe 1

INFO. chilling testimony of the former girlfriend of Andreas Lubitz, the first officer causing the crash of the A320. Maria, stewardess 26 years old shared her life with him for 5 months in 2014. She confided the German daily Bild on Saturday. “I left because he was tormented and had too many personal problems,” including told the young woman. “During the discussions, it creaked and screaming at me (…) At night, he woke up and shouted ‘We fall”, plagued by nightmares. But she did not forget he was a young man “kind and open” during flights “very sweet” in private, “someone who needed love.”

“I will do something that will change the system” Andreas Lubitz have even given him his morbid thoughts. “He has long planned to commit a heinous act One day, he said. ‘I will do something that will change the system. So everybody know my name. ” If Andreas Lubitz “did it,” she said, “it’s because he understood that because of his health problems, his great dream of a job at Lufthansa, as long as captain and pilot mail was impossible. ” The work seemed obsessed Andreas Lubitz, passionate about flying since childhood. “We always talked a lot of work, and there he became someone else, he got angry about working conditions. Not enough money, fear for the contract (work), too much pressure “yet says Maria.

A testimony suggesting that the act crazy co-pilot may have been premeditated. In any case, what is certain is that the young man had hid his depression to his employer. It should never have to work the day of the tragedy.

Neither farewell letter nor claim. raiding the home of the co-pilot for more than three hours have indeed found overwhelming medical documents: work stoppages, some torn. One of them particularly caught their attention: it ran from March 16 to 29. But he never gave his employer, who does not know that his driver had no right to steal. According to the prosecutor of Düsseldorf, Andreas Lubitz would have concealed his condition to his professional colleagues, who gave the image of a young sportsman, hardworking marathoner, smiling. With him, as with his parents, investigators found no suicide note or claim

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