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Two days after the crash of the Airbus A320 Germanwings Tuesday near Digne in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, the time is contemplation. The aircraft was carrying 144 passengers and six crew members, making the crash the worst air disaster in French territory for over 30 years. Families of the victims went to the site on Thursday as the black box found Tuesday delivered first elements on the drama of the script and that the investigation was a first rebound Thursday.

#This to remember

– The co-pilot was obviously “a desire to destroy the plane”

– The first bodies were airlifted, other operations are in progress

– Relatives of victims arrive Thursday at the scene of the crash

# The survey

The first officer had “the will to destroy the plane.” The investigations have experienced first major development on Thursday with the data analysis of the first two black boxes of the device, the “cockpit voice recorder” (CVR), which records all the sounds of the cockpit. The second black box, the “flight recorder”, which contains the flight parameters and technical information of the aircraft registered until impact is still being sought by investigators, confirmed Thursday the prosecutor of Marseilles.

According to the black box of audio analysis found, revealed Thursday by the New York Times, the first officer was trapped in the cockpit and Commander edge was stuck to the outside at the time of the descent of the device. According to the prosecutor of Marseilles, “the co-pilot, through voluntary abstention, refused to open the door of the cockpit and the captain sounded the release button altitude loss.” All of which, according to the prosecutor of Marseilles, resemble “a desire to destroy the plane.”

Meanwhile, the captain, who had been absent for “likely satisfy a natural need “, tried in vain to get into the cockpit. Also according to the audio analysis, the first officer was silent during the maneuver, but he “continued to breathe normally” until impact. Information that helps to spread the thesis of discomfort. “Despite all the standards we apply, we can not prevent such an event can occur,” responded Thursday, Lufthansa CEO, adding that “no system in the world could prevent” the act of copilot.

The suspect “not listed as terrorist” . Andreas Lubitz, 28, was from the Düsseldorf area in Germany. “The co-pilot was trained in Phoenix, United States, and became first officer in September 2013. It was 100% fit to fly an airplane. His technical skills were excellent,” stressed the head of Lufthansa. The first officer was, however, much less experienced than the captain who, he had 10 years of experience.

BASICS - The latest information on the crash of the A320

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According to the CEO of Lufthansa, “there are six, the first officer interrupted his training, and that lasted a few months. But it’s not unusual for us. ” The latter, however, did not state the reasons why the co-pilot to interrupt his training, he then resumed, ironing all medical tests and technical examinations. The head of the airline said that the tests take place regularly and that a medical examination is carried out once a year. “Investigations are underway to determine the mental state of the driver,” the German Minister of Transport.

At the same time, searches were underway Thursday night at two homes copilot, in western Germany. “The searches relate to both the apartment of his co-pilot in Dusseldorf accommodation Montabaur”, where he lived part of the time with his parents, said the prosecutor Ralf Herrenbrück, adding a statement of its services citing “several searches” in the country.

No “a clue” about the reason. At the moment, there is not “a clue” about the reasons that led the copilot to precipitate the plane against the mountain. Marseille prosecutor said the suspect was “not listed as a terrorist.” Information confirmed by the German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière, ensuring that there was “no evidence of a terrorist intent” in the co-pilot. Brice Robin thought, moreover, “a reclassification of the investigation.” Open initially for “manslaughter”, the survey could be requalified for “intentional homicide”

Listen to the prosecutor of Marseilles.

Details of the moment of impact. Brice Robin said the crash took place in two stages with a first shock on an embankment before the aircraft fits on a mountain. “We hear cries at the end, in the very last minute, just before impact,” reported the prosecutor, stating that they had realized the drama in the very last moments. The death of passengers “was instantaneous,” said he also provided.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday that the “tragedy” of the crash was taking “a totally inconceivable dimension” with the information according to which the first officer probably deliberately precipitated the aircraft to the ground.

# The host families

The families of victims of the crash is is gathered Thursday at close to where the device crashed Tuesday. In the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, the victims’ families were divided into two groups: the relatives of the crew of the aircraft traveled to Seyne-les-Alpes, and the families of passengers Vernet a few kilometers away. In Vernet seven coaches in total led the relatives of 144 passengers died in the disaster. When going vehicles, families – about 300 people in total – were welcomed by members of the prefects and the consular authorities of their respective countries

All then went to a shelter that houses the chapel since Tuesday in which François Hollande, Merkel and Rajoy were collected Wednesday. In front of this building, relatives of the passengers observed a moment of reflection in front of the flags of their countries held horizontally by police and firefighters, facing the mountain on which the A320 crashed They then had to make tribute to their front a stele in three languages. – French, German, Spanish

Relatives of the 150 victims had left by bus shortly after 13:30 on Thursday the airport of Marseille-Marignane, where the prosecutor the Republic of Marseille Brice Robin has made them an update on the investigation.

#The operations on the crash zone

The first bodies or remains of 150 victims, including 75 Germans, the crash of the Airbus Germanwings, were airlifted Wednesday by rescue teams on the scene of the tragedy. The operations on the site “resumed” Thursday “to 7:45″ and medical examiners, accompanied by mountains specialized gendarmes, were airlifted to the scene of the accident, at 1,500 meters above sea level in this remote area. “We travel the site and we note with screams. We prepare evacuation and then ask people can move to gather on a secure location,” explains the Le Figaro Frédéric Petitjean, the doctor which coordinates medical aid

Here is an infographic of the New York Times about the crash zone.

As in previous days, more than 300 police, 280 police officers, hundreds of firefighters, 70 alpine hunters from Gap, and a dozen medical examiners, were mobilized to search operations and investigation. Withdrawals from families for DNA analysis “will begin this afternoon” Will we learned from the gendarmerie. The identification of the body will take “days and even weeks,” warned the prosecutor of Marseilles Brice Robin.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has also sent experts to assist teams the surveys and analyzes Bureau (BEA) said Thursday its Executive Director Patrick Ky. It is also, he added, “to ensure that, if appropriate immediate action can be taken to reduce the risk of such accidents happening again “

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