Monday, March 23, 2015

Departmental Results: Initial estimates –

RESULTS – The first figures and estimated results of the departmental elections this Sunday, March 22 are available.

The initial results of the departmental just been notified by the Ministry of the Interior. It is partial results calculated of 18 million registered throughout France. The National Front is leading with 26.27% of the vote, ahead of the Union of the line collects 19.40% of votes cast . The socialists, themselves, collect only 11.83%, while the right candidates Miscellaneous record 9.03%, the various left 7.29%, and the Union of the Left: 7.82%. These departmental elections are special because it is not really accurate to speak of a single ballot: today is 2074 elections were held in each county with a pair of different candidates, sometimes with parties allies, other present and others not. We must therefore be treated with caution trends. All results are available on this page of the departmental 2015.

Before the first round, although the prognosis gave Marine Le Pen’s party to all political parties, with an expected score around 30% of the vote. The UMP was given back, with a few exceptions. Although all results tonight are not definitive, this should be true nationally. But Nicolas Sarkozy’s party is in a better position this evening that the FN to win a majority of departments on Sunday, given the voting system and the difficulty for Marine Le Pen to gather 50% of the voters if duels. The PS was given out as third

IN VIDEO. – Before the election, the FN was credited with 30% of the vote



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