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A320 crash: investigators dissect the mystery Andreas Lubitz – Les Echos

French and Germans searched all aspects of professional life and personal Andreas Lubitz.

A week after the crash A320 with 150 people on board, investigators continue their mission: try to understand what led to the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz crash the plane into a mountain in the Alps. French and Germans dissect every aspect of his professional and personal life and trying to determine what he had in mind before and during the fateful flight. A blows almost daily revelations in the German media began to draw the image of a confused man.

Mental Health Disorders

So far, we know that Andrea Lubitz suffering from psychological problems sufficiently serious to require medication, probably for many years. On Monday, German prosecutors revealed that Andreas Lubitz was monitored for suicidal in the past, that is to say, before obtaining his pilot’s license. And after that “until recently, other physician visits took place, resulting in sickness absence but not certified are suicidal or aggressive towards others,” said added the floor

According to the newspaper, antidepressants have been found in his apartment and several orders, one was thrown in the trash. Was also found a work stoppage for the relevant day, 24 March.

Germanwings said he was never aware of medical documents Andreas Lubitz. According to German law, an employer can not have access to medical records of its employees and sick leave never give information on the health of the employee.

Medical confidentiality in question in Germany

Germany questions easing of medical secrecy for so-called risky trades after the revelations and rumors about the health of the co-pilot Germanwings. Many politicians, like Dirk Fischer, an expert on transportation issues within the Conservative party of Angela Merkel (CDU), demanded that pilots, as well as other sensitive professions, “only consult doctors to them nominated by their employers. ” These practitioners “should be released from their obligation to secrecy in communication with the employer and the civil aviation authorities.”
MP Thomas Jarzombek, also from the ranks of the CDU, requested creation of a commission of experts to study how to be supported disease of those people who, in their work, undertake the health or lives of others.
But the solution is not so simple, as noted in an editorial for the daily Die Welt “Pilots also have the right (…) to have an open discussion with a physician without fear that their employer is kept informed.”
The rules of the German Medical Association are clear on the matter: “physicians should remain silent on what is entrusted to them or what they learn in the course of their medical practice.” The betrayal of the secret, which remains valid after the death of the patient and is enforceable against members of his own family, is punishable by imprisonment and a fine.
Is already There are exceptions to this secret, especially when it comes to avoiding “particularly serious crime” or to prevent the risk of endangering the safety of others.

view Problems?

The prosecution has denied weekend reports that Andreas Lubitz had vision problems. The documents seized can not yet give clues about “organic diseases.” This is also, according to the prosecutor for an alleged retinal detachment copilot, the press reported.

A “normal” life …

Since the age of 14, the young man dreamed of becoming a pilot . For his knowledge and his colleagues Andreas Lubitz was an accomplished professional, a copilot who roamed Europe for Germanwings, a loyal son who spent much time in his hometown of Montabaur with his parents as well as its Dusseldorf apartment. In recent weeks, he had bought two new cars, according to German media, probably one for him and one for his girlfriend.

Behind the apparent normality of this great sporting than 28 years nonetheless hid a fragile mental state. According to Die Welt, which reports the words of one senior investigator, handwriting analysis Andreas Lubitz revealed a man plunged into the dark world of the disease that still managed to conceal her condition on the outside.

… and complicated

His personal life also seemed complicated. There has been in recent days several anonymous testimonies collected by the German newspapers. Including Saturday Bild published an interview with a stewardess, former girlfriend Andreas Lubitz. The latter, speaking under a false name, told Andreas Lubitz was unstable, he was screaming at night and he complained bitterly about the way he was treated at work. It would have assured him that one day he would do “something that would change the whole system and then the whole world will know my name will be remembered.”

In its Sunday edition, the same newspaper reported that his girlfriend, who teaches mathematics and English at a state school in North Rhine Westphalia, was pregnant. Friday, people close to the investigation said they had interviewed the woman who, according to them, shared her life with Andreas Lubitz for years and even shared the day of the accident. This woman has not been formally identified.


Andreas Lubitz has he acted on impulse when he would have found himself alone in the cockpit or would he planned everything in advance and waited for the right opportunity to take action? Nothing in his apartment and his house, neither notes nor indication, lets not think he would have premeditated his actions, says the prosecutor.


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