Monday, March 23, 2015

Patrice de Maistre and Eric Woerth again before Justice – France Info

A month after the trial of the case Bettencourt, Eric Woerth and Patrice de Maistre meet again before the Justice for alleged influence peddling: the fortunes of former manager would have provided employment the wife of the former minister in exchange for a Legion of Honor.

It’s the return of Eric Woerth before the Bordeaux Justice. A month after the trial-river Bettencourt, former minister appointment with Patrice de Maistre in criminal court. With the wealth of former manager of L’Oreal heiress, he will respond influence.

Jobs against medal?

factotum Liliane Bettencourt would have provided employment to Florence Woerth in September 2007, as Clymene company responsible for the management of Liliane Bettencourt’s assets in exchange for his appointment to the rank of Chevalier of the Legion of Honour. Eric Woerth personally presented the medal on 23 January 2008.

Third aspect of the case Bettencourt

The fact that Patrice de Maistre was a member of the “First Circle “club of wealthy donors to the UMP, including the former minister was the treasurer, was a hint element for investigating judges. However, the prosecution had requested a dismissal for two men at the end of the investigation, saying that “ the correlation relationship between the two facts – a necessary condition for
characterization of the offense – is not formally demonstrated
“. Both men are likely still a maximum penalty of ten years in prison and 150,000 euro fine. The discussions are expected to last four or five days under the guidance of the same judges at the trial Bettencourt, whose decision must fall on May 28 Note that a third part of this sprawling case will be judged on 8 and 9 June, also in Bordeaux. This time a judge Isabelle Prevost-Desprez, which must be justified leaks to the benefit of two journalists of the World in September 2010.


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