Monday, March 23, 2015

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Only odd vehicles run … almost. The traffic has alternately been established on Monday morning in Paris and in 22 towns in the Ile-de-France. It was only the third time this device is introduced into the story. Who can ride? What are the exceptions? She will always alternating traffic Tuesday? Follow all day on our site the latest information on this device.

Who can flow ? Today

Light vehicles (cars, scooters and motorbikes) at odd registrations run on odd days, peer pairs registrations days: this is the principle the alternating traffic. Monday is March 23, 2015, only the odd-numbered plates will be allowed.

Who is not subject to the rule of alternating traffic?

Among a long list of exceptions, the vehicles considered “clean” (electric, hybrid, gas) or carrying at least three “Carpoolers” will circulate, as well as those providing public service missions (police, firefighters. ..) and some commercial vehicles (commercial and journalists).
Where is it effective?

Decided Saturday after a standoff between the city of Paris and the state, alternating traffic concerns the capital and 22 neighboring municipalities as Vincennes, Ivry-sur-Seine, Boulogne-Billancourt or Saint-Ouen, the three departments the inner suburbs (Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne).

How many checkpoints?

mobilized 750 policemen are deployed from 5:30 to control the taxi clearance given to only odd-numbered plates. To enforce the security forces had expected “a hundred checkpoints” in or outside Paris, or on the main roads to the capital. They will also ensure that heavy goods vehicles in transit circumvent whether the town, taking the Francilienne.

VIDEO. Understanding the alternating traffic Monday

What are the risks for violations?

Offenders are liable to a fine of 22 euros and drivers “will start in the opposite direction,” warned the police headquarters, which, however, promised the “discernment” and take into account the “good faith” of motorists. “The goal is to provide education, to rely on citizenship of citizens to respect the de facto obligation to alternating traffic,” assured Muriel Rault, Commissioner of the Department of Public Order and traffic police headquarters. Drivers are also invited to a 20 km / h speed limit on highways in the Paris.

VIDEO. Alternating traffic “this is stupid”

Are public transport free

Good news for users in consideration for public transport are free, and the first time renting an Autolib ‘or day ticket for a Vélib’ (within 30 minutes of movement) . Also free, residential lots, while cars whose plate is pair can also park on the said places “visitor”, the use of which may not normally exceed two hours. Pollution remains at a high level. On Monday, the information threshold to particles should exceed 50 micrograms per m3, depending Airparif, the body responsible for monitoring the air quality in the Paris region.

For more information
– A call center ( 0811,000,675 ) is activated from Sunday to answer questions
– The manual of alternating traffic is governed by a interpréfectoral Order of 7 July 2014, which can be accessed at http. // www.prefecturedepolice.f


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