Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2015 county Essonne: dissent Georges Tron … – MetroNews

alone Georges Tron in Essonne begins to irritate the highest levels of the UMP. The deputy mayor of Draveil, indicted in a rape case, insists on running for president of the County Council, whose election is scheduled for Thursday. The local right has yet ruled on Monday by 15 votes against 12 in favor of François Durovray, UMP mayor of Montgeron.

On Tuesday morning, the political adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy, Luc Chatel, has launched LCI very diplomatic “must be reasonable” to the attention of the former minister. Sanction in sight? In the headquarters of the UMP, we simply tell MetroNews that Georges Tron has “no support” party. An elected Essonne UMP goes further and believes lapidary that “his political career is not over if he does not make the con Thursday”.

Leader during the campaign , outcast after

Georges Tron has some reason to be bitter. He who says he “led the battle of municipal and cantonal A to Z” in this department can boast of having led the right to victory after a tough battle against the Socialist Jérôme Guedj. The mayor of Draveil even achieved a score of 61.9% in its common

Right, no one says, but everyone thinks. The mayor of Draveil departed from the presidency because of possible reference to the foundation, he also contest Wednesday before the Court of Cassation. “The decision to Georges Tron surprised everyone as he himself set the rules of the primary, irritated François Durovray. He probably thought that he would be beaten.”

Fight against the “far right”

Georges Tron, who could not be reached Tuesday found a new justification for his personal crusade: the struggle “against the extreme right. ” It is well … François Durovray because it is close to the MP Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, founder of the sovereignist party Standing France. Needless to say that the applicants have not really enjoyed the label that was glued to them.

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