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Second round of departmental: we go – Les Echos

opened The polls Sunday for the second round of the departmental elections in France, except in Paris and Lyon. The UMP alliance / IDU is well positioned to delight many departments PS. The FN hope at least one department.

Last lap for departmental. Voters can go back to the polls since 8:00 this Sunday for the second round of departmental elections in France. 149 townships have been filled as of last Sunday, the ballot relates to more than 1.905 2.054. Right aligns 1,602 pairs male / female, left the 1334 and 1107 National Front. These pairs compete in 1614 and 278 triangular duels.

The president, Francois Hollande, voted Sunday at 9:30 in his electoral stronghold Correze, Tulle, for the second round of departmental elections before flying to Tunisia where he will participate with foreign dignitaries in a march against terrorism.

The departments where we vote and those where one does not vote

The polls will be open until 6:00 p.m. or 7 p.m. in medium-sized cities (Brest, Dijon, Chambéry, Toulon …) and even 8:00 p.m. in Bordeaux, Marseille, Nantes, Toulouse and Paris. Are not affected Paris and Lyon, where the functions of the county councils are exercised by other bodies (such as the Council of Paris in the capital) nor the majority of overseas department where the status is done increasingly rare. The only ultramarine departments are called to the polls Reunion and Mayotte, which, because of the time difference, vote for 6:00 ET 7:00 am (Paris time), and Martinique, where voting will begin at midday.

Right hope at least twenty departments delight

After the first round, where it topped the alliance UMP / IDU is well positioned to delight many departments PS (the left currently manages 61), probably at least two dozen of which the North, Seine-et-Marne and the Bouches du-Rhône. Last Sunday, the UMP-UDI alliance “made the hole”, totaling 28.7% of the vote against 21.5% in pairs with at least a socialist


Not only about 520 pairs of PS or supported by him were eliminated in the first round – often because of the divisions of the left – but the right has head turned in the greatest number of cantons, taking an option on the final victory.

After the blue wave of municipal, including the right ambition to conquer the Bouches-du-Rhône held by the PS decades, Isère, the Eastern Pyrenees, not to mention very symbolic Corrèze, land of election of François Hollande.

The FN is the Vaucluse

For its part, with 25.2% of votes, the FN could certainly not claim that he was the “first party of France” but progress ten points from the cantonal 2011 allowed him to turn the head in 43 departments and to confirm its roots throughout the country.

The FN, which already has eight elected, can expect dozens more, especially with the game of triangular. Where it was overtaken by the left, the UMP has indeed maintained in the overwhelming majority of cases under its “neither-nor” (neither FN nor PS) despite the indignation of Manuel Valls accusing Nicolas Sarkozy of “running behind the FN” in-between rounds that turned into verbal duel distance between the two men


The FN can hope for victory in the Vaucluse, elective earth Marion Maréchal-Le Pen where the far-right party won in 11 of the 17 cantons. The ambitions of the extreme right also concern the Aisne, or the Pas-de-Calais and Gard.

In these particular departments, it is possible that neither FN, neither right nor left did absolute majority of seats, making it very open election of the president of the county council, which will take place on Thursday.

The redesign , not an emergency according Valls

The redesign is not an emergency, even if the government can be slightly modified, there will be no change of course, says Manuel Valls, quoted by Le Journal du Dimanche. The Prime Minister says that it is for environmentalists to decide if they want to join the government.

“There will be no zigzag. The redesign is not an emergency. The course will be maintained, “said Manuel Valls. “The government does not change,” he added. “Can we open up to others including environmentalists? It is for them to decide. “

Prime Minister considers that” the coherence and consistency are essential, “but said that” discussions can be opened. ” “We need more support for public and private investment, giving signs of confidence for SMEs, to listen to the France that suffers,” he continues, promising that “we will continue to act, to reform” .


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