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Crash A320 “! Open the damn door,” begged the driver … – Le Parisien

Victor Fortunato | March 29, 2015, 6:49 | Updated: March 29, 2015, 7:56

The last minutes appalling for the driver and passengers of the Airbus A320 Germanwings. Trapped outside the aircraft cockpit, the captain yelled, “Open the damn door!” Andreas Lubitz, his first officer, who rushed coldly towards the ground.

moments terrifying for the driver and passengers screaming in panic, minutes before the disaster. These new revelations from the black box that recorded the sounds inside the cockpit, were unveiled by the Sunday edition of German daily Bild.

The prosecutor of Marseilles had said Thursday this record showed that the co-driver Andreas Lubitz had locked the cockpit door after the momentary release of the captain, before triggering the descent of the aircraft to the ground. But he did not detail the content of exchanges between the two men.

The driver tries to open the door with an ax

According to Bild The first 20 minutes of the flight are an opportunity to banal exchanges between the pilot, Patrick S., and Andreas Lubitz. He explained in particular the latter he has not had time to go to the bathroom at the start, in Barcelona. At 10:27, the pilot asked Andreas Lubitz prepare landing in Düsseldorf (West Germany). This says a few words: “I hope,” “We’ll see.” The pilot comes out to go to the bathroom, the unit begins to descend. A few minutes later, we hear a “snap strong”, as if someone was trying to get into the cockpit, writes Bild. Then the pilot’s voice: “For God’s sake, open the door.” In the background, the passengers begin to scream, the newspaper notes. The driver is clearly trying to open the door with an ax. Then shouts “! Open the damn door”

Around 10:40, the Airbus touches a mountain, screaming passengers the means. These are the last sounds on the record, writes Bild. Immediately afterwards, the aircraft flew straight into a hillside 700 km / h and is instantly sprayed with 150 occupants.

Serious psychiatric disorders

Saturday, the German newspaper published an interview of a stewardess presented as a former girlfriend of Lubitz, which reinforced the track that the young officer was suffering from psychiatric disorders. The young woman said that when she heard about the disaster, a sentence he is the co-pilot “back in memory: -One day I will do something that will change the whole system, and everybody know my name and s’ in souviendra- “. If Andreas Lubitz “did it”, “it is because he understood that because of his health problems, his great dream of a job at Lufthansa as captain and long-haul driver was practically impossible “, she said.

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Another German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, said that investigators found the home of Lubitz ” numerous drugs “designed to treat” mental illness. ” The young man, “severely depressed”, would have suffered severe stress and had been supported by “several neurologists and psychiatrists.”

On Friday, prosecutors in Düsseldorf had indicated that the certificates of sick had been found torn from Andreas Lubitz. No farewell letter revealing a premeditated act causing the disaster was found. According to Bild and the New York Times, the young man also suffered major problems of view might call into question his fitness to drive.

Gendarmerie General Jean-Pierre Michel, this Saturday in Düsseldorf from a French delegation of three people came together with German investigators, confirmed that the “personality” of Andreas Lubitz was “a serious track “and the voluntary act the preferred scenario, but stressed that the other tracks, involuntary fault or technical malfunction of the unit were still not excluded.

VIDEO. A320 crash: the personality of the co-pilot, a “serious track”

In the southeast of France, the research, which had resumed Saturday around 9:20 in Seyne-les -alpes, about ten kilometers from the crash zone were suspended around 18:30, said a spokesman for the gendarmerie, that the second black box remained missing.

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