Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Unemployment is rising again in February (+ 0.4%) – L’Express

“It seems that we may have indeed a new rather favorable.” This little statement Tuesday morning Carole Delga , Secretary of State for Trade and Crafts, interviewed by Radio South, was to set the tone.

Las. 19,100 more unemployed (+ 0.4%) in February is a new setback for the executive after an upturn in January. Not enough to discourage service François Rebsamen who try to take the good news. “Since the beginning of the year, the number of registered jobseekers in category A, decreased by 6,300 while the 2014 had increased by an average of 15,800 each month (…) Since 2008 This is the first time that we see a decline in enrollment in Class A in the first two months of the year. ” Not sure that these indicators are enough to reassure the population.

New Records

February The figures are all the more sensitive they invite the two towers of the county. If the increase is slightly weaker with overseas: + 0.3% to 3.75 million. But including the unemployed who had a small business, Unemployment reached new highs at 5.26 million in France and 5.56 million in all France.

In late January, lived in metropolitan employment center 3.48 million job seekers without activity on its lists. Over the month, the situation of youth had improved significantly (-1.4%), while seniors had stabilized (+ 0.1%). The government relies heavily on future jobs continue to reduce youth unemployment. “Since early 2013, the number of young jobseekers registered in category A declined 1.3%, or 6,800 young people,” said the Ministry of Labour.

However, seniors (over 50) are again the most affected with this increase (+ 0.7% on month, 9.7% over a year).

2015 better than 2014?

This has an air of déjà vu for the government. There was a year almost to the day, between the two towers of Municipal was marked by a jump in unemployment (31,500 in February 2014). Four days later, the left had suffered a crushing defeat, losing more than 150 cities with over 9,000 inhabitants. On election elections, unemployment remains one of the favorites angles of attack of the opposition.

The president of the UMP Nicolas Sarkozy predicted “a lot more unemployed” in France “at the end of 2015″. “When unemployment will fall, Mr. Holland is that you’re gone,” he had already launched early March at a meeting in Marseille. Since the election of François Hollande, 558,400 more unemployed pushed the door of employment center after 783,300 throughout the five year term of Nicolas Sarkozy.

Meanwhile, the National Front thrives in the most ravaged by unemployment territories. Marine Le Pen hopes to win the Vaucluse and the Aisne, two of the most affected departments.

But despite electoral setbacks, the executive rule to change course. “There will be no change, no lines or prime minister,” contrasted the president before the first round. Labour Minister François Rebsamen still promises a “2015 better than 2014,” with “stabilization or even a decline in unemployment” at the end of the year.




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