Sunday, March 29, 2015

County: Direct. 15.63% turnout at noon –

After a first round marked by a significant abstention (49.83%), although slightly lower than expected, left on a table startle her voters to avoid a debacle, namely the loss of more than half of the 61 departments administer.

12 h 00. 15.63% from noon to participation, against 13.68% in 2011

The rate participation in the second round of the departmental elections in mainland amounted to 15.63%, two points higher than in the second round of cantonal elections of 2011 at the same time (13.68% ), according to figures announced by the Ministry of Interior.

This rate of voting is, however, lower than that recorded last Sunday in the first round (18.02%). This is an otherwise level much lower than that recorded in the second round of the 2008 cantonal (22.09%).

Participation was average Aisne , 14.37%, and Vaucluse , 18.06% Two departments covered by the National Front.

Corsica is the best student with a stake of 26.22%, followed by Aude (24.32%), Landes (23.57% ) and Dordogne (23.44%).

Participation also well above average in Ariege (22.71%) in the Sarthe (22.48%), the Alpes-de-Haute -Provence (22.03%), Gers (21.91%), Corrèze Hollande, where the left is threatened (21.67%) and Gard (21.60%).

However, it is in Paris that voters are least moved in the morning. It is true that they have up to 20 h 00 to go to the polls. Participation is thus 6.39% in Seine-Saint-Denis, from 8.18% in Yvelines, 9.08% in Essonne, 9.82% in the Hauts-de-Seine, 10 75% in the Val-de-Marne and 12.2% in the Val-d’Oise.

In the Finistère , it stood at 11.28% to 11.96% in the Upper Rhine and 12, 93% in Eure-et-Loir.


Ille-et-Vilaine . From noon to 11.28% participation

Finistère . Declining participation

Sarthe . At noon, the participation of 22.48%

Morbihan posted a 13.38% stake

Mayenne . At 12 h, a participation rate of 13.32%

Vendée . 16.94% turnout at noon

Nantes . At 11, less


Guerande . 580 voters at 10 am

Caen . The decline in turnout at 11 am

Alençon . The midday turnout

Côtes d’Armor .Taux noon to participation in 18.94%

11 h 45. Marine Le Pen vote and hope “a good surprise” for the FN

The president of the National Front, Marine Le Pen has aspired for his party “dozens” of elected county councils, hoping “maybe even a good surprise” at the exit of the polling station in a School Henin-Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais).

“I hope we get elected, we will spend an elected (county councils in France, ed) to dozens “, has she desired after voting 11 to 00 in this bastion FN won by Steeve Briois the first round of municipal elections, in March 2014. ” Perhaps aurons- us a good surprise “, said the owner of the far-right party before thirty journalists.

Marine Le Pen voted in the presence of Steeve Briois, which has been no comment. The two representatives of FN quickly left the scene by car.

11 h 30. Sarthe, the 94 candidates [Interactive Map]

This Sunday, the voters Sarthe to elect their departmental advisors. All the details and the first results (tonight) by clicking on the cards.

10 h 30. Holland voted before flying to Tunisia

President François Hollande voted 09 h 30 in his electoral stronghold Correze, Tulle, for the second round of the departmental elections before flying to Tunisia where he will participate in along with foreign dignitaries in a march against terrorism.

arrived smiling at the polling station in the hall of the People’s University, where he traditionally vote and where expecting some tulle, Francois Hollande has fulfilled his electoral duty before to greet a few people in the room.

“Do they have risen this morning? “, has he launched an assessor to take notice of participation, evoking humor switching to summer time resulting in less hour of sleep.

Holland vot & # XE9, before flying to Tunisia

Contrary to his habits, François Holland remained only about twenty minutes in Tulle, where he was mayor from 2001 to 2008, and has not taken the time to greet the voters of the capital of the department of Corrèze it directed from 2008 to 2012. He only had coffee with socialist representatives, including the mayor of the city, Bernard Combes.

Hollande then went to Brive where a plane was waiting to go to Tunis to participate in a march against terrorism, which will bring together thousands of Tunisians and an audience of foreign dignitaries, eleven days after the attack against the Bardo Museum, which claimed the lives of 22 people, including four French and one Tunisian.

10 h 15. The redesign is not an emergency, said Valls

The redesign is not an emergency, even if the government can be slightly modified, there will be no change of course, says Manuel Valls, quoted by Le Journal du Dimanche .

Prime Minister, speaking before the second round of the departmental elections this Sunday, says that it is for environmentalists to decide if they want to join the government.

“There will be no zigzag. The redesign is not an emergency. The course will be maintained “, said Manuel Valls.

“The government does not change” , he adds. “Can we open up to others including environmentalists? It is for them to decide. “

Prime Minister believes that ” the coherence and cohesion are essential “, but said that ” debates can be opened “.

“We need more support for public and private investment, giving confidence signs for SMEs, to listen to the France that suffers” , he says , promising that “we will continue to act, to reform” .

8 h 00. Voters return to the polls

The polls have open at 8 pm and 00 in France will be up to 18 00 or 19 00 in medium-sized cities (Rennes, Brest, Dijon, Chambéry, Toulon …) and even 20 h 00 in Bordeaux, Marseille, Nantes, Toulouse and Paris region.

In Reunion and Mayotte, polling stations are open from respectively 06 and 07 h 00 h 00 (Paris time). In Reunion, 23 of the 25 cantons are still to be filled. Nassimah Dindar, UDI outgoing President of the General Council, was elected in the first round.

A total of 149 districts have been filled since last Sunday, voting concerns no more than 1905 of 2 054. The straight lines up 1602 pairs (male / female), left 1334 and the National Front 1 107. These pairs will compete in 1614 and 278 triangular duels.


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