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Unemployment is rising again in February – The Point

In bad posture while PS was eliminated a quarter of cantons in the first round of the county, the government expected a good news to boost the campaign. Wasted, unemployment is rising again in February after the short-lived drop in January. The number of job seekers with no activity increased by 0.4% (or 12,800 more unemployed) to $ 3 494 400. In one year, rising to 4.6%.

Worse, the increase also affects the unemployed “reduced activity”. Their number reached 1,768,100 in mainland France. In total, the number of job seekers registered at employment center in categories A, B, C totaled 5,262,500 in late February and 5,561,000 by integrating Dom), an increase of 0.6% ( + 30 400) compared to January and 6.5% year on year.

Rebsamen puts forward a number “encouraging”

Rather than comment on these poor figures, the Minister Labour François Rebsamen prefer to focus, in a statement, the slight decrease (- 6.300, -0.2%) recorded in category A (no activity) in the first two months of the year. A figure “encouraging,” he said, and “first” since 2008.

Another element of appreciation for Mr. Rebsamen: unemployment youth drop for the second consecutive month (- 0.3% over the month), but remained stable year on year. This shows, according to the minister, the “success” of the devices for young people (jobs of the future, young guarantee). However, the situation continues to deteriorate for seniors: + 0.7% over the month, up 9.1% year on year.

The same goes for the unemployment long term. In late February, small business range, 2.28 million people were pointing at employment center for more than a year, a figure explosion (+ 0.8% in February, up 9.5% year on year).

Déjà vu

These poor figures fall ill for most, four days of the second round of departmental. Especially as it is already in bad shape after being eliminated a quarter of cantons in the first round.

This scenario has a deja vu for the government. There was a year almost to the day, between the two towers of Municipal was marked by a jump in unemployment . Four days later, the left had suffered a crushing defeat, losing more than 150 cities with over 9000 inhabitants.

The executive had yet suggested, by the voice of his Secretary of State for Trade Carole Delga, he expected a “new rather favorable” on Wednesday. But these figures are in line with most forecasts. Unedic in January was counting on 104,000 more unemployed in France in the year, when INSEE saw its rate of unemployment to rise to 10.2% by mid -2015, against 10.0% at end-2014.

opposition Reviews

Prime Minister Manuel Valls has also conceded Monday that “as long as we do not have a sufficient level of growth, that is to say above 1.5%, it is difficult to bring down the unemployment “. The government forecasts growth of 1% this year. Labour Minister promises still a “2015 better than 2014,” with “stabilization or even a decline in the unemployment ” at the end of the year.

Meanwhile, the opposition does not intend to cease fire, especially at election time. The president of the UMP Nicolas Sarkozy predicted “a lot more unemployed” in France “at the end of 2015″. “When the unemployment will fall, Mr. Holland is that you’re gone,” he had already launched early March at a meeting in Marseille. For its part, the National Front thrives in the most devastated areas by the unemployment . Marine Le Pen hopes to win the Vaucluse and the Aisne, two of the most affected departments.

But despite electoral setbacks, the executive rule to change course. The president warned before the first round: “There will be no change, no lines or prime minister.”


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