Wednesday, March 25, 2015

LIVE – Crash A320: the black box could talk soon … – Le Figaro

The first black box during operation. The black box found yesterday at the crash site is “in operation” Wednesday morning, said the prosecutor of Marseilles, who added “expect the first results in the late afternoon.” The government will report in the afternoon on the analysis of the black box, which recorded all the sounds and cockpit conversations.

Search operations were resumed. More than 300 policemen, hundreds of firefighters, 70 alpine hunters from Gap, and a dozen medical examiners, were again mobilized Wednesday for research and investigation. In addition to hoist the remains of the victims, the teams will try to locate the second black box of the unit.

The victims are expected on site. worthily les-Bains and Seyne-les-Alpes (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence), cells of medico-psychological emergency were installed primarily to accommodate relatives of the 150 dead. A chapel was also installed in Seyne and a team of thirty psychologists prepared to welcome them.

Merkel, Rajoy and Hollande will also make the move. Francois Hollande alongside Angela Merkel and Rajoy are expected around 14 hours. In Vernet, the nearest place on the site, a large tent was erected orange in a field, ready to host a remembrance ceremony in the afternoon.


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