Tuesday, March 24, 2015

In Ile-de-France, right feeds appetites solid – BBC

After the first round of departmental UMP wants conquering Ile-de-France. An important test for the regional elections of December 2015.

Behind the departmental elections in Ile-de-France (seven departments, outside Paris that voted no) looms the major challenge for the right to a change of majority in regional elections in December. The former UMP minister Valérie Pécresse to maneuver welcomed Monday that the candidates of the right and center are “topped the 155 townships in 93 of the Paris”. But the game is not easy. Certainly, the UMP-right UDI strengthened its positions in the first round in the three departments of western Paris. The Hauts-de-Seine, first, where she won five cantons in the first round, including that of outgoing President UMP, Patrick Devedjian (UMP) in Antony. Val-d’Oise, too, where the UMP-UDI pairs are leading in 17 out of 21 cantons, including 12 against the National Front. And Yvelines, where President Pierre Bedier UMP does not exclude the “grand slam” in the 21 cantons of the future Departmental Assembly.

Essonne viewfinder

Seine-et-Marne, the department of Christian Jacob, the head of UMP deputies, and Jean-Francois Cope, the former leader of the party led by Nicolas Sarkozy, the PS has already lost the presidency of the Board general. With 13.78% of the vote, far behind the FN (31.20%) and UMP (26.89%), the PS will only be present in 7 cantons 23. The outgoing president of the council, Vincent Eble , is himself in a tie (36.44%) in its canton Champs-sur-Marne facing a pair EELV-PCF (21.63%). Even if re-elected, Vincent Eble will give way to the head of the department.

Uncertainty remains however in three other departments left the national opposition has the ambition to conquer. Right nourishes the hope of winning the Essonne department of Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Chaired by the Socialist rebellious Jérôme Guedj, in a tie in favor Massy (40.01%), the department is in limbo. Thirteen duels will compete in the second round to face left UMP-UDI pairs and it will monitor the eight cantons in which the National Front can be maintained, including two in the context of triangular.

The part will be tight

In the Val-de-Marne, the only stronghold still held by the Communists (since 1976) with the Allier, left, despite its divisions, qualified for the second round in 20 cantons 24. The Left Front and its allies have prevailed over the PS, despite losing 26 of 47 cities from left to municipal elections in 2014 in favor of the right. In particular Villejuif, former communist stronghold. The PCF boss outgoing general counsel, Christian Favier, in a tie in Champigny-sur-Marne, is confident. Right, she won two cantons in the first round and tops in eleven. The game will be tight.

Seine-Saint-Denis, the historic bastion of the left, conquered by Claude Bartolone, the PS President of the National Assembly, facing the Communist Party, the current majority fate less battered than-expected first round. Despite the blue wave of municipal 2014, the UMP-right UDI (eliminated Sunday 7 cantons) has set a goal to prevail in 11 of 21 districts in the second round, “a reasonable goal,” according to Philippe Dallier, UMP senator of the “9-3″, one of the lieutenants Bruno Retailleau the Senate.


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