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A320 crash: the co-pilot was that “everyone” knows their … – The Obs

Düsseldorf (Germany) (AFP) – The first officer suspected of having deliberately caused the crash of the Airbus A320 Germanwings, which claimed 150 lives, was distressed by his “health problems”, apparently psychiatric disorders, and promised that one day commit an act “that would change the system,” according to his ex-girlfriend in the Bild daily.

Maria W., a Germanwings air hostess old 26 years and presented as a former girlfriend Andreas Lubitz says that when she heard about the disaster, a sentence he is the co-pilot “back in memory: + One day I’m going to do something that will change the whole system and everyone will know my name will be remembered, ‘”writes the German newspaper.

If Andreas Lubitz” did it “,” it is because he understood that because his health problems, his dream of a job to Lufthansa as captain and long-haul driver was almost impossible, “she says.

” We always talked a lot work and there he became someone else, he got angry about working conditions, “said the young woman, who says he flew for” five months “with Andreas Lubitz.

“He was able to hide from others what is really going on in it,” she believes, explaining that he “did not talk much of his illness, only that he was undergoing psychiatric treatment,” she said while the survey revealed Friday that the copilot had hidden it was the subject of a sick the day of the accident.

The young woman explained her separation from him after five months, “because it was becoming increasingly clear that he had a problem. During the discussions, it creaked and screaming at me (…) At night, he woke and cried + + We fall “plagued by nightmares, she added, in testimony strengthening the track that the young co-pilot suffered from psychiatric disorders

-. Problems of view –

A thesis further reinforced Saturday by the Welt am Sonntag information, according to investigators found the home of Lubitz ” numerous drugs “designed to treat” mental illness. “The young man,” severely depressed “have suffered severe stress and had been supported by” many neurologists and psychiatrists. “

Friday, the prosecutor in Düsseldorf (West) had indicated that the sick certificates had been found torn from Andreas Lubitz. No farewell letter revealing a premeditated act causing the disaster, which claimed 150 lives Tuesday , was found.

The nature of the disease had not been specified but according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, which did not cite any source, the judgments were “apparently” signed a ” neurologist and psychiatrist. “

According to Bild and the New York Times, the young man also suffered major problems of view might call into question his fitness to drive.

When asked by Bild, a pilot Germanwings, Frank Woiton says stealing with A. Lubitz, “he spoke of his training, saying how happy he was. He said he would soon fly long haul and become captain. “

The Gendarmerie General Jean-Pierre Michel, this Saturday in Düsseldorf from a French three-person delegation came cooperate with investigators German, confirmed that the “personality” of Andreas Lubitz was “a serious track” voluntary act and the preferred scenario, but stressed that the other tracks, involuntary fault or technical malfunction of the unit were still not excluded.

At this stage, there is still “no particular element” in the life of the co-pilot, as a break or an established professional problem, which could explain a voluntary gesture to destroy the plane, he added

-. Medical secrecy in question -.

On Saturday morning, the German newspapers questioned medical confidentiality Bild noted that the doctor who signed the sick person had warned, especially not the employer Andreas Lubitz, Germanwings, because of medical confidentiality punishable if it is broken. “If Andreas Lubitz has triggered a debate on the need for medical secrecy should be limited to professions such as pilot” fell Süddeutsche Zeitung.

A national mourning ceremony in the presence of Chancellor Angela Merkel will be celebrated on April 17 in the Cathedral of Cologne, in western Germany, a country that has traditionally half of the victims.

On Saturday morning in south eastern France, research, interrupted Friday resumed around 9:20 (8:20 GMT) in Seyne-les-Alpes, about ten miles from the crash zone, where sixty people took turns looking for the body and second black box.

A forty miles south, a religious ceremony was attended by 500 people in the morning at the Cathedral of Digne-les-Bains. Before the altar, 150 candles were lit in memory of the victims.

inserts condolence Germanwings and Lufthansa its parent have been published in several European newspapers Saturday.


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