Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Cécile Duflot meets Manuel Valls: “Your software is out of date” – The Obs

Cécile Duflot was quick to respond Manuel Valls. In an interview with “World”, the member Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV) laments that “asked the partners” Left “to align” and says the “Valls software is out of date.”

A live response to the condition set by the Prime Minister who believes that the return of government to environmentalists is subject to “the signing of a pact” with the PS.

While we pointed out to him that Manuel Valls does not intend to change course, the former housing minister replied:

Determination is a quality, but the stubbornness may be a fault. “

” Where are the results? “

” Today we do not ask the partners to come together but to line up, “said -t it.

According to Cécile Duflot , “historically, the right can be satisfied with a militarization around a strong man, but the left she, needs a unifying project. “

Manuel Valls Can not embody the rally She answers with a question:” Would the “

? The accentuation of inequalities, territorial and social as well as ecological crisis seem to be blind spots of his thought. He tense up, but where are the results? Its objectives, namely to reduce the National Front, improve score left and reduce unemployment, are not met today. Its software is out of date. “

” I do not believe in war left and I’m ready to rally, but I do not think nor modernity either to abdicate on each of the social benefits and have a conservative project, “she added.

The Member EELV view, however, Mélenchon” is wrong the fact to consider as a priority the fight between two left. “

” The rally is not decreed “

Asked about the causes of the defeat left the departmental Cecile Duflot argued that “a year after the slap of Municipal, the same policy was accelerated. It is again punished. “

Cape Town was chosen by the gouvervement and how to exercise authority are the two factors of this failure,” she said.

Presents Sunday in the plane of Tunis with François Hollande, Cécile Duflot says “that the discussion continues with the President of the Republic, the election which Environmentalists have contributed. I will never tire of trying to convince. Things are never static. And as an ecologist I know that we can not waste time. The climate conference at the end of the year is a historic opportunity to change the course of our societies. “

Asked by journalists on the formula” outdated software “when he arrived at the PS group in the Assembly, the first secretary of the PS, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis said:

I think Cecile Duflot may be afraid that dialogue begins between the Socialist Party and environmentalists. I do not understand the statement “

To which Cécile span class =”>. “Duflot said on twitter:” Mr. Cambadélis is wrong … but I know that the rally is built on a project, it can not be decreed. “


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