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Germanwings A320 crash: black box was found – The Point

18 h 30. While Bernard Cazeneuve promises to ensure “in the best welcome families who want to come on site,” Mariano Rajoy and Angela Merkel announced their arrival in Wednesday Alps. “I will go tomorrow (Wednesday) there to realize for myself the situation and talk with local officials,” said Angela Merkel during a brief statement at the chancellery in Berlin. The crash of a plane that was flying from Barcelona, ​​Spain, and Düsseldorf, Germany, “is a shock that plunges us into a deep sadness, we in Germany, the French and the Spanish,” said the Chancellor, visibly moved

18 h 19. Jean-Christophe, who guided the first aid at the scene of the incident, testified on RTL. “Places I knew well, that’s why I led the police to the scene because that’s where I put my cows in spring and fall. As I knew best the trail, I led them pile on the wreck …

I saw pieces of air, smoke. The air meet, they are not very big, we see that it has everything exploded while party pulverized into small pieces … completely … He hit as if he hit a wall because where he typed is stiff as the hand, he got right into it and it exploded completely, there’s really nothing … I do not think there is whole bodies, given the impact … It’s a shock, it marks, that remains. “

18 hours. Christophe Castaner, PS deputy of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, testifies on RTL: “There are pieces of air on one hectare, a hectare and a half … extremely steep … It’s really a high mountain area very difficult to access … almost inaccessible places where we will never … When you see the shock, we imagine that survivors are unlikely to be present. .. When we speak, we have no return of victims could have been saved. We guessed the disaster, regardless of what I’ve seen, there are women, men, teenagers , children … It is very hard … You can imagine the shock … I have not seen the impact of shock, but we see air pieces everywhere. “

17 h 50. The Investigation and Analysis Bureau (BEA) said it was investigating. Seven of his investigators accompanied by advisers from Airbus and CFM International, which is the manufacturer and the engine manufacturer of the device, “go on the site of the accident,” do we have learned. They will be joined there by their German counterparts.

17 h 25. One of the black boxes of the aircraft was found, said MP Christophe Castaner our colleagues from France Info. Statements confirmed by Bernard Cazeneuve.

17 h 20. Manuel Valls suspends twenty-four hours during his campaign for the county.

16 h 55. The Airbus stock falls on the stock market after the crash of the A320.

16 h 45. “300 firefighters, 300 soldiers of the National Gendarmerie, 10 helicopters and military aircraft” were deployed on site, explained the Minister of Interior, which speaks of “exceptional measures”. The first to reach the drama area, “steep and inaccessible,” were the “mountain gendarmes” who have “knowledge of the field,” the minister said.

WATCH a minute of silence in the National Assembly

16 h 30. “There is little hope that there are survivors, “insisted Bernard Cazeneuve, the French Minister of the Interior.

16 h 20. According to a Spanish mayor, sixteen German students on a school trip and two of their teachers were probably on the plane from Barcelona. They had to return to Germany today after a school trip.

16 h 15. The United States offered assistance to France, Spain and Germany, assured the White House .

16 hours. The plane began to lose altitude to 10 h 32. He was then at 11,300 meters. Eight minutes later, at 10 h 40, the unit was down to 2700 meters before crashing moments later. According Germanwings, the aircraft had been “a great review in the summer of 2013″. This type of review generally occurs every 12 to 18 months and provides that the unit’s structure is combed. “The last routine inspection of the aircraft was carried out yesterday, March 23, in Düsseldorf by the technical services of Lufthansa,” said Thomas Winkelmann, an officer of the company.

15 h 55. “This is a shock to us,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Here his speech.

15 h 52 “Nothing has been touched so that investigators are not there,” said Lt. Police colonel John Paul BLOIN in Seyne-les-Alpes, a nearby town where a chapel and an operational PC were installed.

15 h 50. Lionel Luca, UMP, had a dash of humor more than doubtful, Tuesday afternoon in full drama. “We thought we had lost Hollande since killer election weekend. We just found the commentator of the crash,” tweeted the policy. Which triggered a controversy on social networks.

Watch Germanwings press conference.

15 h 40. A hotline has been set up.

15 h 35. The plane crash lasted eight minutes, Germanwings announces the airline.

15 h 31. Manuel Valls said Tuesday before the National Assembly that “at this stage, no assumption can not be ruled out” in the crash of the Airbus A320 the German company Germanwings, which claimed 150 lives, adding that a “crisis cell (families of victims) was opened at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

15 h 30 . “When I saw the plane, I realized it was going to crash,” says a witness.

15 h 22. According to preliminary information provided by the company Germanwings, 67 Germans were on board the plane. Airbus sends technical experts to assist in the investigation.

15 h 20 . The information initially provided by the Area Control Centre (JRC) of Marseille, with which the Airbus was in contact during the crossing of the southeast of France, were misinterpreted. The driver has not launched a distress message. The JRC has declared the aircraft in distress after observing radar it was downhill without asking permission. The A320 was not responding to radio calls. However, the measured rate of descent (3375 ft / min) did not exactly an emergency descent (which is 5000 ft / min).

15 h 18. Journalists daily La Provence met an inhabitant of the town, which has led a dozen policemen to the scene of the crash, in the neck of Mariaud. “From there, I could see the debris. There is no doubt in my mind, the aircraft entered the cliff.”

15 h 15. Angela Merkel announced that she will visit on Wednesday in the French Alps.

15 hours. “There is no more need of help, everyone is dead,” said a policeman at Vernet, a few miles of the place where the plane crashed

14 h 50. “The rotations helicopters gendarmerie started” tweeting a reporter from La Marseillaise .

14 h 47. The crew of Germanwings Company has not issued a distress call, said the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. “The crew did not issue mayday . This is the air traffic control that has decided to declare the aircraft in distress, because he had no contact with the crew and plane, “she said.

14 h 45. The Pole” collective accident “of Marseille, which allows to take” care more effective investigations in such circumstances, “took up the investigation, said Christiane Taubira in a statement. The Justice Minister said he had mobilized the access service to the law and victim (Sadjav) of the General Secretariat of the Ministry.

14 h 44. In Germany the media have questioned the low cost strategy Lufthansa, which had boomed in recent months.

14 h 10. The place where the plane crashed in the Germanwings company, in the valley of the White between Digne and Barcelonnette (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence), was “frozen for early investigation, “do we learned from the aid, which confirmed that there were no survivors.

14 hours . The first family arrived at Barcelona Airport. Nearly a dozen people came, in dribs and drabs of information desk Swissport, for information. They were taken to a room at their disposal and monitored by a police officer.

13 h 52. numbers have been set up for relatives of passengers. From Germany: 0 80011 3355 77, from Spain.. 902 400 012

13 h 47 “We leave the crisis led by the Prime Minister and we pay on the spot with Bernard Cazeneuve, “said the deputy of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Christophe Castaner.

13 h 45. According to La Provence , the plane, an Airbus A-320-211 named “Mannheim”, registration D-AIPX was the end of life for commercial flights. Its first flight took place November 29, 1990 and its first commercial flight on 6 February 1991. The average age of a civilian airliner is 25 years.

13 h 43. The head of the company Germanwings reported a balance of 150 dead, 144 passengers and 6 crew members, said in a brief televised statement. According to the daily El Mundo , 45 Spaniards were among the passengers. However, there would be no French among the victims announced Francois Hollande, but without “absolute certainty.”

Find the first elements of the investigation into the crash of the A320 Germanwings in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence


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