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A320 crash: the co-pilot in the heart of the disaster, stupor … – Le Point

The young German co-pilot of the Airbus A320 Germanwings seems deliberately smashed his plane on a mountain in the Alps, a revelation of the French authorities that caused amazement Thursday in Europe

Two scenarios are now discussed. that of a suicide and that of an attack, although the investigators and the French government said so far does not favor this last track.

searches were underway Thursday night in western Germany, the two homes copilot, a German 28 year old named Andreas Lubitz.

“This tragedy is totally inconceivable dimension,” responded German Chancellor Angela Merkel, while the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said he was “upset”.

Of the 150 people killed in the crash, which occurred Tuesday in the southern French Alps 50 are Spanish and 75 German.

“We do not have the slightest clue about what could push the co-pilot to commit this horrible act,” confessed Carsten Spohr, head of Lufthansa , parent company of Germanwings.

The information provided by the French courts whereby Andreas Lubitz probably had “willfully” caused the loss of the aircraft, which linked Barcelona, ​​Düsseldorf, have the effect a dramatic turn of events.

This rebound due to the use of data from a black box found Tuesday on the scene of the disaster, coincided with the arrival in France of close to 150 victims. They had the scoop this information before a press conference of the French prosecutor in the criminal investigation, Brice Robin

-. Unknown Motivations –

The motivations Andreas Lubitz remain unexplained, but the prosecutor said he was “not listed as a terrorist”, information confirmed by Berlin.

In the sadness caused by the crash in Germany, his gesture added anger and consternation.

“I wanted to know where the murderer lived,” choked Hans-Dieter, fifties Thursday night near the family home in Montabaur Lubitz (west). “For me, it’s like this type in Norway who fired,” he added, referring to Anders Breivik, the author of the Oslo killings (77 deaths) in 2011.

“Even in our worst nightmares we could not have imagined that such a tragedy could happen,” he told the head of Lufthansa, sobbing.

“Those who know us know that we select with lots and lots of attention “our pilots, he added, including psychological examinations in addition to technical ability tests.

The first officer had been hired” September 2013 “by the airline and had 630 hours of flight.

Left alone in command of the unit after the release of the cockpit of the commander, presumably gone to the bathroom, Andreas Lubitz did not allow him to return and operated the aircraft down button.

On the record contained in the black box, “means more calls the captain to request access to the cockpit, but no response co-pilot,” he told the prosecutor Robin.

Andreas Lubitz, which we perceive to end regular breathing, did not return calls from the control tower, which realized the abnormal descent of the aircraft.

All this “can be seen as a desire to destroy the plane,” said Robin, who sees this as “the most plausible interpretation” of the last minutes of the flight.

These revelations have led many airlines, including British EasyJet, Europe’s first low cost, decided to keep two people in the cockpit at all times on their flights.

Canada ruled Thursday evening the entry into force “immediately” of this measure for all Canadian companies.

– 200 relatives of the victims on site –

According to the prosecutor, the passengers of the flight Germanwings “are to realize the crash until the last moment” and died on instantly.

In the last seconds before impact on the mountain, recording 30 minutes in total suggests alert indicating the proximity of the ground and the passengers screaming.

Since Wednesday with the help of forensic experts, the remains victims are recovered by rescue teams in perilous conditions. Investigators are still looking for the second black box containing the data of the flight.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Xavier Vialenc, gendarmes “trying to recover what they can.” This will “be long, very long, at least 15 days,” he said.

About 200 relatives of victims of one of the worst air disasters in Europe, have gathered Thursday two funeral chapels erected in the villages of Seyne-les-Alpes and Le Vernet, close to the scene of the tragedy.

The media were kept away to protect their privacy and grief, while Rescuers lent assistance to those in need.

DNA samples from family members will be made to facilitate the identification of the dead, who will take “days and even weeks,” warned the prosecutor. Interpol has sent a team of specialists to participate in this task.

The 150 victims in total from 18 countries. Germany and Spain the most affected, put their flags at half-mast Wednesday

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