Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Front national. Why it has not changed – Ouest-France

To expand its base election, Marine Le Pen is seeking to soften his image and his speech. Behind the façade, the program remains true to the fundamentals of the FN.

Marine, mother of a family. Navy, lawyer. Navy, a woman like any other… The candidate of the FN has taken advantage of its launch campaign, the last weekend in Lyon, france, to disseminate a leaflet and project a video clip in which she splits the weave. A communication operation well-orchestrated. Often considered as clivante and aggressive, the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen is trying to soften its image to widen its base in the election campaign.

A strategy that is part of the “dédiabolisation” of the FN, led by Florian Philippot. A change on the form, but not really on the bottom. Even if the Front national seeks to smooth its message, it remains faithful to its fundamentals : a halt to immigration, and the establishment of the ” national preference “, the closure of the borders…

It advocates a “national priority”, a new avatar of national preference

Marine Le Pen is proposing to include the ” national priority “ in the Constitution. It picks up on an idea launched in 1985 by Jean-Yves Le Gallou, under the name of ” national preference “, which proposes to give priority in employment to the holders of French nationality or to restrict social assistance to persons who have not. The FN’s candidate claims to want to ” build the French citizenship in privilege to all the French “, an incantation that irrigates all of its program without explaining the means that would be implemented to get there. And does it expect to develop ” an additional tax on the hiring of foreign employees “, the terms of which remain very unclear, even as 300 000 positions remain unfilled across the country. The project the FN is also proposing to” to book a priority to the French in the allocation of social housing “, with out support this proposal for a building program. And Marine Le Pen ensures that, during the two years following their arrival, foreigners in a regular situation will have to ” bear “ they are sick to “meeting “ to the cost of their care.

He still wants to close the borders

Behind the smiling facade, the candidate of the extreme right found a tone martial to advocate for the restoration of the ” national borders “ and ” stop immigration uncontrolled “. legal immigration would be reduced to a balance of 10, 000 annual entries. The right of soil would be removed, as well as dual citizenship extra-european. The right of asylum could not be claimed that ” in the country of origin or neighbouring countries, “ which would prohibit migrants already arrived in France to benefit.

The family reunification and the acquisition of the French nationality by marriage, considered as ” suction pumps of immigration, “ would not be automatic. the ” If they want to live at home, it was enough to stay, “ was launched by Marine Le Pen, on Saturday, at Lyon, causing enthusiastic responses from its audience : ” It is our home, it is with us… “

It does not close the door to the reinstatement of the death penalty

The restoration of the death penalty has disappeared from the program of Marine Le Pen. The FN’s candidate now proposes the establishment of perpetuity real incompressible (without remission possible) to ” the most serious crimes “.

But it opens the possibility for citizens to demand the reinstatement of the death penalty through a ” popular initiative referendum “. The procedure, which involves a revision of the Constitution, could be triggered if it is supported by at least 500,000 voters.

It is still arguing for zero tolerance

Marine Le Pen out of the muscles to promise the restoration of ” the republican order and the rule of law everywhere and for all “. The forces of the order would be” réarmées “. the police and The gendarmerie would be refocused on ” their security mission “, and released tasks” undue “. The FN provides a ” plan ” for the disarmament of the suburbs “ and promises to apply the ” zero tolerance “. it, no change…

He cultivated the skid-controlled

Marine Le Pen, who seeks to incarnate France – ” soothed “, leave to others the care of talking to the fringe the more extreme of his electorate.

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen does not hesitate to take over theses complotistes of the “great replacement”. The member of parliament for the Vaucluse out the heavy artillery, after the attack on Nice, to declare war on islam : ” If we don’t kill islam, it is islamism that we will kill again and again. “

Steve Briois, mayor of Hénin-Beaumont that he was not opposed to the entry ban on the territory of nationals of certain muslim countries. A collaborator of David Rachline, director of the campaign of Marine Le Pen, did not hesitate to treat of ” guy “ the young male victim of police violence in Aulnay-sous-Bois.

a New recruit of the national Front, the actor Franck de Lapersonne has made its small effect, last Saturday, in Lyon, by running:” Victor Hugo did not learn Arabic in school, and to me, it makes me happy to know. “ A protrusion, which earned him a standing ovation. Is not remade.


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