Thursday, February 2, 2017

“I was never his assistant” : an interview with Penelope Fillon putting the defence of her husband – The World

The program “special Envoy” was released Thursday, on France 2, a maintenance éreinte the defence of François Fillon ; the candidate of the right, claiming that his wife did not have a job dummy.

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the question of whether she was involved in the campaigns or the political career of her husband, Penelope Fillon replied :

” I always accompanied in his electoral campaigns, rallies for help, (…) slip flyers under the doors. “

” I like to put myself at the bottom of the room and listen to the comments that people make on what he said. This is something that I did when he was mayor of Sablé[-sur-Sarthe]. I went in the associations of the elderly, things like that, but nothing more than that “, she adds.

In a tone quiet, almost sad, Penelope Fillon explains also have resumed studies at the university and explained that if she had not had her last child, she would have looked for a job.

These words come to pose a new suspicion on the employment alleged fictitious Mme Fillon. According to Le Canard enchaîné, she has held the position of assistant parliamentary of her husband between 1988 and 1990 and between 1998 and 2002, at least five years before the interview aired by ” special Envoy “. Several witnesses say they also have no memory of it on the ground.

The public prosecutor national financial has opened last week a preliminary investigation to shed light on this matter, which poisons the campaign of the winner of the primary from the right.

In a meeting Thursday night in the Ardennes, French prime minister François Fillon has again defended, arguing that there was ” nothing illegal “ in employing his wife as ” associate “.

Read the minutes of its meeting : Fillon : “lies, even if they repeated “, will ” never be a half-truth “


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