Tuesday, February 7, 2017

In the Face of rumors about his double life, Macron puts the feet in the dish – The Figaro

surprise Guest to a meeting of his supporters at the théâtre Bobino, Emmanuel Macron has made it blow for blow to its critics, and has consented to address the rumors about his private life to deny formally.

The noise travels through the social networks and the media world already for several months: Emmanuel Macron maintain a relationship hidden with the president of Radio France, Mathieu Gallet. Shots of the two men, held by the editors of tabloids are thought to exist and may threaten the campaign of the pri candidate polls to the left. As reported by several media outlets, on Monday evening, the former minister of Economy, has delighted his supporters by inviting them to the meeting which they held in his name to the theatre Bobino, in Paris, without having been included in the programme. In front of them, he delivered a speech nervous and punchy. The perfect opportunity to cut short the noise persistent on his supposed relationship hidden with Mathieu Gallet, a rumor that he had already tried to silence these last few months by multiplying the covers of Paris Match in the company of his wife, Brigitte.

“I am as I am, and I’ve never had anything to hide,” promised the founder of power up! “I hear people say that I am duplice, that I have a hidden life or something else( …) It is unpleasant for Bridget , and as I share my days and my nights with her, she asks how I’m doing,” he ironisé. “I’ve never paid for it,” he pointed out, in reference to the case of Penelope Fillon. “If you are told that I have a double life with Mathieu Gallet, this is my hologram, but it can’t be me,” he again insisted, in reference to the double meeting of Mélenchon Sunday.

A development that comes as the magazine Closer was published and then removed an article referring to the fact that a former collaborator of Emmanuel Macron would be currently employed by Mathieu Gallet, and full of innuendo. This is not the first time that the former minister responds to the rumor, but he had not done it in such blunt terms until now.

Emmanuel Macron has also taken advantage of his surprise appearance at Bobino to distribute the blows to his opponents. Benoît Hamon has found decked out in a Peter Pan syndrome. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who accused him on Sunday of its project to open libraries on Sunday, he responded in a tone of irony: “On Sunday, we stay home to eat blanquette de veau in the family”. The candidate of France Insubordinate is still seen accuse him of not wanting to “protect people at work, but people work”.


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