Friday, August 21, 2015

Shots in a Thalys: what is known about the suspect – The World

A man arrested by the police on the platform of the Arras railway station.

He was traveling with a Kalashnikov, an automatic pistol, nine magazines and a cutter. The alleged shooting that wounded two people in a Thalys, Friday, August 21, is a Moroccan of 26 years which is the subject of a sheet S of the intelligence services, according to our information. This plug S, for “state security,” especially targets people with ties to terrorism, but that are not necessarily monitored.

According to the Le Soir the suspect boarded the train in Brussels. He was overpowered on board by two American soldiers who neutralized as he tried to reload his gun in the toilet. Arrested shortly after 18 hours and taken to the police station of Arras, he would refuse for the moment to speak.

“No one knows the identity of the individual or his motives” , explained the spokesman of the Interior Ministry, Pierre-Henry Brandet. The Anti-terrorism section of the Paris prosecutor’s office took up the investigation.

The interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, who spoke from Arras, called “everyone to extreme caution “ as the identity of the shooter has not been confirmed.


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